swimming after wisdom tooth removal

i had to have one of my lower wisdom teeth removed yesterday-i have no stitches, and so far it has been relatively pain free (a bit stiff), but not much bleeding.
i am just wondering when can i get back for a swim in the pool?
i am supposed to be having a swim lesson tomorrow night, but am wondering if this is maybe too soon!
any comments would be gratefully appreciated!!


  • Depends entirely how you feel.

    If you feel bruised, swollen and if someone has kicked you in the face then you will probably want to give it a miss.

    If you feel ok and are a 'tough-as-nails' runner then there's no reason you can't swim.

  • thanks for the reply Dr Wonko- i dont feel bruised or anything, but just a bit concerned about the possibility of introducing infection by having pool water in my mouth............!image
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Just rinse with warm salty water afterwards - that kills most stuff.
  • <a dentist writes>

    As long as you feel up to it, there's no particular reason why you shouldn't swim...the blood clot in your socket should be set enough after 24 hours to cope with a bit of pool water image

  • thanx very much Tufat Nladi, i feel fine......great news that tomorrows swim can go ahead!!!image
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