Owwww! My back

I was out running last Sunday and in a moment of madness I wasn't watching where I was going as I was running and stepped off a drop kerb. If felt like an age for my foot to hit the floor and when it did I landed heavily and awkwardly - the whole of my spine felt like it quivered.

I have been resting since and although most of the muscular pains have subsided I have noticed that there is one particularly painful area at the lower part of my spine and if I touch one particular bit - (feels like either the last lumbar vertebra or the top of the sacrum) it is painful. I'm not sure whether it is brusing, swelling, both or damage. I also have pain in the top of my buttocks - but this could be from me tensing my back.

Could anyone tell me who I should see about this - an oesteopath, a physio, a sports massager or a chiropractor?

Any help appreciated.


  • A sports massage would probably settle it, and is likely to be the cheapest option to start off with.
  • Thanks for the advice Dr W.

  • Oh Lawro,

    If you need a physio there is the Rainham physio centre.  Craig uses it and says it is very good.  The guy who runs it used to be (or still is) the physio for Gillingham FC.   He is pretty reasonable too.

    01634 377638

    If it doesn't get better though, I would see your doctor first before paying for a physio.  Rest and ibuprofen should sort it out hopefully.

    Hope you feel better soon.  Give me a shout when you are free to meet up for a run.

  • Hi Shimmy,

    I know, can you beleive it? Just making my come back and getting back (no pun intended) into it and then this happens.

    I'll probably by-pass the doctor as they aren't sympathetic when you mention sport and injury. I'm resting and taking ibruprofen, as well as putting deep heat on it.

    Thanks for the details of the physio - I will have a chat with my brother's OH and see if she will have a look at me in exchange for a bottle of wine before I go down to the Rainham physio.

    Just hope I haven't done anything realy bad image

    Will shout when I'm good to go again.

  • Wasn't I sympathetic enough? image
  • You were fantasic DW  image

    Sorry a bit of a thread hijack, Lawro is a running pal of mine and we haven't been out running for a while.

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