Remember me? Underwear girl...

For some reason the old site wouldn't let me in? I was getting paranoid for a while..thought it was all my talk about underwear...anyway...from a walker in January to the Golden Jubilee 10k in 54 minutes! I was so proud of myself! Booked in to run two half marathons before I head off to NY in November for the big one. Suffering a bit with groin strain but other then that running according to Hal Hidgons schedule! And I love it! Just thought I'd say "hi" to you all...


  • Hello New Runner,

    Wondered what had happened to you.

    Glad to know you're still on track for the NYC marathon.

    Wearing underwear or not??? ;-)
  • Hello Ratbag! Still keeping with the M&S g string for now!
  • Just make sure it doesn't have those lace edges. They really scratch!!!
  • Ugh yeah - I'm becoming obsessed with all the gear's all a bit confusing. Goodness knows what I will end up running marathon in. More important news is I've already been promised over £3000 for Great Ormond Street and there is still 4 months to go!
  • £3,000!! That's brilliant. I raised just over £3,000 for Cancer Research at the FLM.

    Whatever you run in you're doing a great job!!

    All the best,

  • Keep it up, well done.

  • Thanks - am very excited about the money raised so far - really hoping to double all I have to do is 26.2 miles. Simple - eh? Any diet tips by the way would be well received. I'm confused by all the advice I've been given...
  • Hello NR,

    A rule of thumb appears to be 60% carbs, 25% protein, 15% fat. Complex carbs such as pasta etc are best. I think there's a nutrition bit on this new website. You might want to take a look at that first.

    I just thought. When you said diet, did you mean in order to lose weight or to fuel your running?

    BTW, how about a picture??

    All the best,

  • How do I put a picture up on this site? (scary!) I def meant to fuel running- have lost too much weight as it is...Thanks for your help,
  • New Runner
    go to 'My page' and all is explained
  • Artgod,
    How do you get a selection of photo's to be displayed like yours?
    Very good!
  • Well SimonF, I've already done my 'It's because I move in mysterious ways' routine elsewhere so this will have to be the proper answer.

    Basically you need Adobe ImageReady, an application that lets you combine different images as one and then save it in a single gif format.

    Unfortunately this increases the file size and therefore doesn't let you upload to the site as it breaks the 15K size limit. However if you keep to two images then you can keep below 15k.

    How did I do it?

    Well it's not what you know, it's who you know. Call it a perk of the job seeing as I don't get the same sort of pay rises that Rob Spedding does.
  • Must post my admiration. 10/10 for cool and RW networking skills.

    PS Gorgeous baby.
  • Yeah, I'm not bad am I ?
  • It's possible to squeeze an animation into 15k limit. So come on folks - let's see your best efforts.

    Plodding along.

  • I just love the hair!
  • Would anyone like to see a picture of Artgod's mullet?
  • So tell me Rob, what is it you are just about to clean?
  • New Runner
    Another one who needs to change there name. Maybe all of your fans from the previous site could make a pledge to you. I'll put up a fiver, but how do we pay- maybe RW Forums could set up a PO Box, in fact why don't we go further and suggest that they have a pledgs site.

    PS Have you sorted a piccy yet, I am having great difficulty in submitting because of size.
  • Thanks HG! I have scanned int he picture - so half way there but cant reduce it to the right size to submit it? Am I being really thick? Which programmes can I use to change the size? As for pledging etc - whislt I will take all donations gratefully for Great ORmond Street, it might all get a bit confusing once we all start raising for diferent charities. But how about if we raised together (in future) for our own nominated cause?
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Finally manged to get mine resized .
    If you open Photo editor,Image,resize then change 'units' to pixels and override the dimensions to 120*100.
    Even an idiot like me managed it eventually...........
  • OK - it should be up any minute now!
  • Worth waiting for New Runner.
    Good luck with NY.
  • O.k. Ratbag, someone's got to ask,

    How do you know that lacy G-strings scratch ????? And don't use Mrs RB as an excuse !!!!
  • RB
    It seems you habe so far neglected to answer
    the above, which is disappointing
  • Yep.... tell us !!!!!
  • Oh my God!!!

    The secret's out and I thought nobody would notice!!!

    So either I'm a secret lacy G-String wearer on my long weekend runs....


    I have carried out EXTENSIVE research over the years into ladies underwear and am a recognised authority on the subject.... choose!!!
  • Too much viagra!
  • RB

    we'd really like to know now how you put this choice to Mrs RB, and what was here response!

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