half marathon help please....

 i want to enter my first half marathon this year, earliest july2008 - can i have some advice or suggestions as to a good first timer event please? Is it better to go for a big event like the great north run or should i go for a smaller club held event? The local half marathon that i wanted to enter has been cancelled this year.


  • Wherabouts are you ? A good size field of about 2,000+ will ensure that you will always be running with company. I personally prefer smaller events and can't imagine how frustrating the GNR must be to run in. My first ever race was the Bath Half Marathon in 2002 which for me was the perfect introduction to racing. My addiction for racing has continued and I'll be doing race No 100 at some point this year.
  • Depends.  If you are slow, then bigger is likely to be bettter!  Faster runners might suit a smaller event though.  I can recomend the Swindon Half, though it's a few months later.  Smallish to medium field, so space for the faster runers, but they also keep the finish open for the slow folks including walkers no problem.  Course is undulating so not a pb course, but if it's your first that doesn't matter.  Well organised and surprisingly scenic (goes up onto the downs so some amazing views).  Free massage at the end.
  • The only ones I've run in the summer are Seaford, Dartford and Helensburgh. Dartford in Kent is a very good one to do as it's a reasonable sized field of all standards and very well organised.
  • Windsor in September is another good one as long as it isn't cancelled again.
  • Thanks for the pointers!! I live in Mid wales, just over the border from Shrewsbury. But Im from the Bristol/ Gloucester area originally so would be ok to travel that way.  Im not worried about PB's obviously, i just want to finish! However, ive heard the GNR is so crowded you have to stop to get past the walkers etc- im scared if i stopped running I wouldnt be able to get going again and just end up walking the rest. 

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