Frosty the Plodman

Snoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!! I am going to do about an hour on the exercise bike, then off for a short plod in the snow!!


  • Im off running to work via a snowy canal path! I love ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssnoooooooooooooooooooow

  • no snow here - which is just as well as I'm off rowing image
  • morning all! No snow here - a bright and sunny morning in East Sussex, and I can't even see any frost. Just as well I have my long slow plod to do today and I don't like it too cold...
  • frosty here as boiler failed
  • {{{{{{{{flr}}}}}}}} <- that's supposed to be fluffy warm hugs. Is someone coming to fix it soon? Do you have a fire to huddle around?

    Have a good row, Bear, and a good long one, B. Don't slip into the canal, Daniel! 

    I am toasty now, as I have cycled 35k in the pshed, whilst watching the birdies flit about, and a squirrel jiggle on the garden fence, followed by a gentle 2 mile plod in the snow with the OH. Who had to be woken up at twenty past 8, despite him saying he'd be up at 8 to get ready. I think it took him a mile to open his eyes properly. image It is a *beautiful* morning, the snow is all sparkly in the glorious sunshine, the squirrel is busy burying his hazelnuts in the borders, the birds are hopping in the trees. The quimby is off for a bath.

  • Morning all.

    Seems to be getting frostier as the morning is going on here.

    (((((flr))))) - wwear lots and lots of layers to keep warm until the boiler's mended.

  • i'm ashamed to say that we need to get a man in



  • Oh deary me. Good luck, and remember they *always* do the sharp intake of breath, tut, and shake of the head - it's part of the plumbing exam. Or is it a gas man? Never sure whether boilers are gas things or plumbing things, TBH, or come somewhere in the squishy bit where the 2 sets overlap.
  • brr poor flr with no heating - I'd go back to bed .... In fact we have heating and I did go back to bed and am just up againimage
  • Off to hunt for a large gauge circular knitting needle - want to finish this jumper so I can wear it to go away a fortnight today.

    Out to dinner tonight - the frost has now melted so no travel difficulties, I hope.

  • morning

    that's the day's w**k done, it's bliddy slippy out

    settle down now for the important business of the weekend image

    hope it's not too disappointing for you Parddu image

  • flippin' nora

    never was defeat snatched so comprehensively from the jaws of victory

    but to be fair, bliddy well played Wales

  • mmm twas a bit disappointing if you're English ... great victory for Wales tho'
  • But how sad is it that I come on RW to find out the result?

    I get all my news and information from here......

  • don't we all?
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Result of what?
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