Maternity Support Belt

I am 19 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy. During the first I didn't run as I was just coming back from injury and didn't want to exacerbate any problems. However, I'm now loving running with a bump. Stopwatch free and no speed training, just running for the heck of it. However after yesterday mornings run I felt slight discomfort in the ligaments supporting my bump and wondered if anyone has tried a support belt and if so how well they worked and which ones to try. Thanks a lot image


  • Congrats Ermin! I ran all the way through my 3rd pregnancy last year (past the due date!) and found as my normal leggings got tighter they provided enough support, although I did get a bit of ligament ache from time to time.  However - have you looked at the Pregnant runners' thread? I know some of the ladies over there were discussing support clothing etc. recently - might be worth a look.

    Good luck!

     sb x

  • I would try a maternity belt. My wife had one and it really helped her keep running right up until she was really big.

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