I must protest this decision!

I'm sure this is wrong.

headline on BBC website:

" Egg customers protest credit move"

Surely you protest AGAINST something?

Is it me, or this a particularly shoddy use of English? 


  • No, you're damn right.

  • The BBC has gone to the dogs.
  • A Beeb person writes: 

    I think it's an Americanism rather than shoddy use of English ... although many would of course argue that they are one and the same. And I don't like it either.

    (Can't see what all the fuss from these Egg customers is about, tbh. Get another card, get over it). 

  • They "appeal" high court decisions too...it's getting worse.image
  • Oh come on Muttley! We're talking about the BBC here! That last bastion of grammatical rectitude! An English website, publishing an *English* news story. Why is there an acceptance of a decline into Americanisms? It's linguistic lassitude that's what it is! image

    Before we know we'll be hearing about appeal courts "expediting" decisions. After someone's appealed them, obviously.

    What is happening to our beautiful language? Am I on the wrong "learning curve" I ask myself?

  • ..................... you worry about your language ........................................... you should see what's happened to mine


  • I protested the use of teh language (ooops, forgot "against") by using the feedback form, five minutes later the headline's changed. Surely a coincidence?
  • " Egg customer anger at credit move"

    Still not right, is it? 

  • I wish I could change the fate of mine so easilyimage

    Nice to see the Beeb is listening to someoneimage

  • I know, I know BCDB ... I share your pain at the way English is going. We can laugh at some of it, but read Francis Wheen's book "Mumbo Jumbo" and see how it's actually not funny at all ...
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