Bloody motorists!

What is it about getting behind the wheel of a car that turns ordinary decent human beings (assuming they are, of course) and turns them into ignorant, arrogant pigs!? Don't get me wrong. I drive too (if the journey is over 10 miles) and I'm far from perfect but I don't sound my horn at people who just happen to be running on the road (especially when there is no footpath) or cyclists (yes, I do that too). Nor do I lean out of the window to make rude gestures or scream at runners or cyclists.

Incidently, when I get this sort of abuse on my bike I often catch the offending car at the next set of lights, lightly tap on the window and ask 'sorry, were you trying to attract my attention?' That works quite well (I'm 6'3") as the poor morons can't quite belive that the pile of junk they paid so much for is not always the fastest way through town.


  • Had a similar experience this morining. Just doing some strides inside the park, and some 'rudeboys' driving a done up Clio think its funny the hoot their horn and wind down their windows and swear/gesticulate at me. As I'm fairly happy in myself and my running, It didnt really bother me, but part of me thinks 'now thats just the sort of behaviour that would make a beginner quit'. It also makes me think, 'what are those ****ers doing with their lives that is obviously so much better than running, that makes them feel they can put runners down'. Oh yeah, cruising around in their sad little cars, getting fat on Maccy D's and CocaCola, whilst killing themselves with B&H and copious amounts of Smirnoff Ice, I forgot! ;)
  • Totally agree. I also find it particualy annoying when car drivers do not let you cross the road at a junction in front of them, but rather pull up to it very slowly forcing you to stop, then to run round them. I always make a point of making my annoyance perfectly clear.

  • I don't know about you but I believe I can spot a driver who is a runner/cyclist due to their consideration shown in the above scenarios....oh and there are the pervs that wave you across the road whilst sitting with tongues out, male and female I hasten to add! Firemen seem to be the worse!
  • This is the biggest reason why I try to do all of my runs off road!
  • Very wise! Unfortunately being female and a frequent lone runner I have to be careful about what off road/rural routes I take. Therefore, I have to put up with the abuse!!
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    And what about the drivers who pull out of their drives right across the pavement and then look at you like you shouldn't be on the damn pavement. The best part is they've normally spotted you coming before they pull out. IDIOTS!

  • I used to do a run that took me in the direction of a Tesco megastore every Sunday afternoon and would run past a long queue of stationary cars waiting to get into the car park. I got a fair number of good-natured "keep yer knees up" sort of comments from bored motorists, but if anyone was remotely uncomplimentary it was impossible to resist the temptation to reply, "At least I'm MOVING!"
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