This Plod

Although I think the original was by the GoGos? It is a rare occurrence for me to be up this late.


  • and to have your thread missed


  • Well, quite! <clutches cup of tea and curses self for staying up late>
  • <cringes at Bear's big smile> Quietly there, Bear. I had a bit too much celebration of my comeback race. Am hoping to effect a recovery by scaring the hangover with a gym session.
  • BB ✭✭✭

    *whispers* morning all - got to w**k today and really want to forum to make up for yesterday

  • morning

    are we here not there?

    pity - I've heard of the other snog

    could even snig you a stanza

  • Oh, I know, B - I was very frustrated yesterday, kept clicking on "Forums" on the RW home page. A sad addiction. I did wander onto Fetch, but the forums aren't quite as good, plus I don't really know anyone over there.
  • I went over to Saga Zone

    but there's only so much right wing ranting you can take

  • Morning all.

    W**king this morning then going swimming I hope. W**k had better not interfere with my plans.

    Was RW Towers on strike yesterday?

  • they needed a shilling for the meter I think, Parddu

    well done your lot on Saturday

  • I don't think a shilling buys you more than a couple of seconds forumming nowadays. Off to the gym now, but I leave you with my favourite quote, from a Jerome K Jerome book I bought at the weekend:

    "What readers ask nowadays in a book is that it should improve, instruct and elevate. This book wouldn't elevate a cow."


  • Thanks yeo. I did wonder whether RW Towers was in mourning after the events at Twickers image
  • Morning!

  • afternoon
  • Afternoon.

    Been to w**k, swum and tackled Tesco's - what a brave budgie I am image

    Managed 32 very slow lengths in the pool so happy with activity achievement.

  • Afternoon all. As well as a gym session, have been to Much Wenlock, book shopping. Unfortunately one of the 2 bookshops appears to be closed on a Monday. Ho hum. Had a good browse in t'other shop, though, and enjoyed a lovely lunch by a roaring fire.
  • please yourselves
  • <<jumps>>
  • damn damn damn

    still not got the hang of this new thread stat thing

  • BB ✭✭✭
    surely that gets a bow? I had to look back to see who you had jumped ...
  • always nice to please yourself though
  • yeah

    I thought I'd set it up nicely there

  • back from uncle vanya
  • may have to consult sparksnotes on act4 as snoozed
  • why are peopl posting everywhere but here?
  • (scoffs tea and bourbons and hopes for company)
  • sorry babe but you've just missed me

    but I am usually here

    g'night x

  • night xx
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