ASICS Wilmslow Half-Marathon

Hi guys

Does anyone have number going spare for wilmslow I could buy from you? 


  • I am so tempted to give you mine!!! LOL.

    Hows things mate?

  • There are quite a few of our wednesday nighters entered, you never know, someon is bound to drop out.
  • hiya Farnie..all is good! I have given mine away and now may be around that weekend. do you know of any going and no i wont take yours image how ar eyou getting on?
  • did 9.2 miles yesterday, with Geordie Claire and another girl up the mersey,  went from the club and down Darley Ave and it was a bit tough going at first, more like a blinkin trail run, but if we can do it there Wilmslow should be a bit easier.

    Its getting tougher thinking of routes now they are getting longer...

  • there is a good 10mile route from the club, through northenden, up styal road, through heald green across to Cheadle Hulme. also from chorlton water park, up to canal. along canal to sale down, through northern moor, back to sale water park and home. when i get 5mins, i will map them out for you image. meanwhile if you can go on number alert that would be fab! and woohoo 9miles, good skills image
  • oops, wrong year..have started a new thread (which became 2) attached to the right year! d'oh must havebeen the 5am start to get back here!
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