Training Plan

Hi, my husband is doing his first tri in April (sprint distance). Does anyone know where he could find a decent training plan? He is not starting from scratch, hes a good at all disiplines just needs to focus on becoming quicker! Any advice would be great, Thanks!


  • does he take sugar?

    You could try - some of their plans are free 

  • lol Melli!
  • If he already does all three sports then I doubt that any of the 'off the shelf' plans will be all that good for a sprint.  Assuming he's aiming to do 'well' as opposed to finish, then he'll need to develop (or tailor) a plan that works on his weaknesses, includes plenty of bricks (important for sprint dstances) and also that fits in with his lifestyle (when he can train, where the pool is, etc). 
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