Best headphones?

Hi all

Can't see a thread on this topic on the front page so started this one.

I'm having problems with my headphones falling out of my ears whilst running. They are the sort that wrap around the ear and have the bit that goes inside. Logically they should stay put but once sweaty decide not to.

 Is there a reasonably priced recommended set of 'phones anyone could recommend?



  • Sennheiser or Philips, with the rubberised ear hooks. I have had a pair of Philips I picked up for about £15, they do the job well, as they have little rubber plugs that stick the headphone into the ear.
  • I usually buy standard Ipod ones on ebay every 5-6 months - never spend more than a tenner.  They work fine for me and sound quality is reasonable.
  • Sennheiser all day long, I use the PMX70's and they're fantastic for running, about £15 from Amazon I think.
  • I've had an order in for the PMX70s for a couple of weeks, still waiting for stock at Amazon.  Update:  Cancelled order and reordered through Amazon marketplace.
  • PMX70's just ordered from Amazon. Hopefully they won't be too long. Thanks for the advice.
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