Visitng an osteopath

This is going to sound like a daft question...but what undies should I wear?

I've hurt my back at the lower region and so I know I will have to strip, but should I wear shorts or just pants (obviously not a thong - image)?

What should I expect too? Will it hurt?

Any advice would be good?


  • Lawro

    I have always worn what I call big knickers as I always wear a thong, but I must admit I forgot once and had to stip to just my bra and thong, but it was only me that was worried about it, he was fine!

  • so long as they are clean I wouldn't worry - | just wear my normal knickers which aren't that big or small - I think they've probably seen it all before image
  • Wear big knickers or boy shorts to save any embarrassment.

    Can't tell you what to expect as I'm not an osteo but he/she may palpate and manipulate your vertebrae. It should not be painful.

  • Halle - I usually wear thongs too - but I'm a bit conscious that I don't want to moon the osteopath even if as Green Eyes says they have seen it all before.

    Puts me in mind of a James song - 'You saw the whole of the moon'. image  

    What will the osteopath do and will it hurt? As you can see I have a pre-occupation with pain, even though I am currently in pain, I really don't want more.

  • Thanks Siance - X post.

  • Lawro

    Like Green Eyes says, just wear any clean knickers, but all I was saying was if you forget like me, don't get too worried about it, they really have seen all sorts and it won't bother them at all.  The treatment is not really painful, every persons treatment is different, but sometimes when they do what people call bone crunching, it is not painful, just a little bit of  shock when they do it.

  • Thanks for the advice all.

    Halle, you've reassured me and calmed me down a bit - thanks

  • Agree regards the clean knickers - I treat rugby players and you'd be surprised at some peoples' shreddies image

    Most therapists prefer 'sensible' underwear because some of the procedures may be uncompromising and although we've seen it before we'd rather not have to look at it!

    Lawro, LOL - that song's by The Waterboys, cool tune btw image

  • LOL! Thanks for that Siance. I'll find my best pair of black bridgets.

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