Windsor Number Going Free (possibly!)

I've just been told that I might need to be away for 2 weeks over the Windsor weekend :( I am not very happy about it, and am trying to reorganise the dates. But if I can't, then would anyone else like my number?

(I suspect this is because of my contributions to the great ironing debate - I'll probably find that DH is my boss!)

I should know more tomorrow.

Grumpy regards


  • Hi AmandaP, That would be really bad timing to say the least, hope you can get around it somehow.

  • Yeah, it stinks! The problem is it's a series of mtgs with people from around the world, so I'm not sure of my ability to change the dates to suit me! I'm working on it though....
  • Amanda,

    If you can not make it then that would be a shame, however I was late in entering and would be interrested in your entry. There may be one slight hitch though, I will have to see if the number can officialy be swapped over as I don't think I could pass as an Amanda;)
  • Keith how would they know? You could be Osama Bin Laden and they'd be none the wiser

    Sorry to hear you might not make it Amanda
  • If it helps it says this on the site,

    "Substitutions can be made, but only if the running number is returned to the Half Marathon office for re-distribution. If both names or numbers run then both runners will be disqualified."

    So maybe if AmandaP regretfully could not run, then you could change it officially if you wanted.
  • Thanks NN, I saw your other message on another thread and had already checked it out.

    BK, could be good to run with you if I can get in as long as the portaloo thing doesn't rub off on me!
  • Keith, shall I put you down as a 1:48 target time then, as per your comments to BK?

    Otherwise there are may be charity places left, but dont know if there are any minimum sponsorship levels on them.
  • £100 is the asking price
  • I was feeling negative the other day after a dreadfull run. I'm sure Keith and I will get in around 1:45
  • BK, I shall change your time to 1:45 then :)
  • Okay Keith. I've got to talk to a couple of people in the US this evening, and then I will know more. I'll get back to you as soon as I can confirm it one way or another.

    BK - yes, I'll be gutted if I don't make it. I've been working hard on my PMA (as geezer would put it) so to now miss out, makes it really tough! I've already told my boss that this will mean he has to at least double his sponsorship if I get into the FLM next year!
  • AmandaP. I'd forgotten about our old friend Geezer. I thought he'd said he was going to run this so I'll have a check later

    NN. I hope I can deliver the goods now. My PB is 1:45:49ish so we'll see
  • BK, yes I know what you mean mine is 1:30:53 but have said 1:30, oh well :)
  • Hi Keith - the place is yours if you want it. I've totally and utterly failed in my attempt to get said global meeting with 20+ attendees rearranged just because of my personal life! I am without a doubt going to be sitting on the other side of the world on the 29th getting bored and playing buzzword bingo in some team building / strategy session rather than getting hot and sweaty running around Windsor...

    I've emailed you Keith but you might read it hear first - I need your full name and address so pls send me a mail.

  • Sorry to hear it AmandaP but will be good to see Keith again. Well done for passing on your place.

    NN, 1:30..what? If its flat I may get my 1:44 target. Burnham Beeches was only a couple of weeks ago, how can I improve that much in so small a time. My GSR was out because I hadn't run the distance before. I'd be lucky to see Madam Snicks at then end let alone you and Dustin
  • Hi AmandaP, that is really bad news, tell em to stick the job :)

    BK, We will just have to see how it goes on the day, hopefully we will both excede our own expectations, hopefully! Have you heard anything from Pizza Man as to whether he got a number from anywhere in the end?
  • Amander,

    Thanks for place again and sorry that you cant make it, you should have got my email by now.

    BK, I ran this last year and was 10 minutes faster than Burnham, it is not flat as there are a few uphill graidients to climb! Do not worry about the 10 minute differance, Burnham was my first ever and a warm up for Windsor. I want to break 1:45 and this may require a sprint for the last mile, at least it is downhill if never ending!

    NN, I believe Pizza Man did get a number since I lost out to him on my first attempt to get a place.

    Hope to see some of you on the day.
  • Hi Keith,

    We are still looking for a meeting place for before the run as some of us will not be able to meet up afterwards. Do you know of anywhere in the grounds of the park, maybe near the car parking, near the start, maybe park benches, that we could use as a pre race meeting point that will be easy to find. This then gives us all two chances to meet up.

  • NN,

    I will think about it as I was there last year, just need to bring back a few memories!

    Amanda, sorry about the spelling of your name, no chance to edit it now on the new forums:(

  • NN - unfortunately someone has to pay the mortgage so I can't tell them what to do with their job....much as I'd like to from time to time!

    Keith - don't worry about the spelling! I'll look for your email now.

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