Port Talbot harriers

Are there any port talbot harriers out there?


  • Chris, a lot ofthe South Walians hang out in the events section on the "Swansea 5K Series" thread.
  • Thanks for that pizza man.

    I'm looking for two boys that think they can runimage Nigel and Adrianimage.

  • adrian is in the roomimage
  • 6 miles in for me tonight, was going for 10 but started to fail at 3 so came home.

    have you seen belly boy Barnes?

  • belly boy barnes was running home from work if he has seen the white kenyan will he be in work on thur for 6am .he been running from 2.15pm today IS BARNES IN THE ROOMimage
  • Morning Adrian,

    Will try and get home early today. Judith is going to park here and run down with me tonight,if I'm home in time.

  • chris i will ring you before i go out
  • Good run tonight Adrian. Felt good for a changeimage.

    Still no sign of the Belly Boyimage.

  • good running son .belly boy  where are you

    charles 61 for 10m and he comeing for you image

  • Evening all

    Didn't make swimming tonight, working lateimage, went for a run instead got 6 miles in in 42 Min's.

    Any sign of the belly boy?

  • belly boy is not going running on sat  on my own its going to be a long 20mimage

    come on walesimage

  • Whats up with him?
  • i do not know
  • 20m in for me todayimagedays
  • 21 miles done, great run 7:40 min/mile felt great.image

  • 10 miles in today, slow run, went with Judith. Great weather for it.

    70 miles in this week and feeling greatimage.

    Still no belly boy barnesimage.

  • im back

    glad 2 hear u both running well ive got some catching up 2 do went 2 borg warner dance last night 

  • Yo belly boy, how you doing. Have you got a hang over.

  • no not really, day off from running today done 15 miles sat dinner time could not go sat morning how did u get off in the gwent league
  • Didn't go, went for a 21 mile run instead. I've had a great week got 70 miles in and I'm feeling good.done 10 today with Judith,not too fast but great weather for running.
  • where s the new ford man hope u are not eating 2 many pies,well second thoughts i hope u are eating loads of pies,pasties and chips because thats the only way we will catch u ?
  • wot and when are our next races boys, i believe alan is putting a team in for some race in singleton park any news on this?
  • Yes its the welsh cross country champs 24 feb. give him a bell if you want in, it's £2 entries in advance only.

    Ive got entry forms for Teifi 10.

    our next race is west glam league 17 Feb Penrhos.

  • just left measage on cardiff site asking u 2 keep me form for teifi 10 thanks for that, off line soon changed shifts this week see u tuesday
  • OK no problemimage
  • imageimageimagei have been out all day imagei will be up for the cross country put me down and put me in the teifi 10 i will give you the money.chris i did my 20m in 7.30 p/m on sat veryimageyou r running good

    one more thing barnes is god and utd lost 2-0

    imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage come on you city

  • utd lost 2-1imagenot 2-0 i have been out all day
  • Adrian, you need to see Alan for the cross country, and I'll give you the entry form for teifi on Tuesdayimage.
  • Where have you been today? have you been running?
  • no running for me i have been on the imageall day
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