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  • mark next race is the 1 mile club race on thr 8th and than thr sorbook challenge in cwmbran on the 11th and than we go to do the sarn helen hill race on thr 18th club race to
  • I am doing the sarn helen 4 miler on this monday ,and the neyland 10 k next sunday,both of these in our club champs too.
  • 10m in today good to run with the boys legs not 100% but day off friday and its the weekend no race so hill work with the hill man chrisimage
  • chris pentyrch hill race results are on the san domenico page
  • Thanks mateimage
  • up up and awayimage
  • 12m in er up to about 80% todayimage
  • Nice to see you getting back on track mate, need you up there to drag me onimage.

    Belly boy, how many miles did you do today?

  • Whitford Point multi terrain race, whos up for it? we need three for a team.

    Mark have you done it before?

  • i am inimage
  • have not done whitford boys,the results of last year are on the swansea 5 k website.

    I may join you on the nite ,see how the next two races go.

  • FM just had this link from Steve Rees Cader Idris. I'm up for itimage.
  • FM, Did we say 8am start for tomorrow?
  • chris yes 8am tomorrow

     i will have a look at the cader ldris and let you know

  • Cader race looks interesting boys,but looks really hard judging by last years results,a guy who i just managed to beat on the teifi 10 did 1hr 48 thats nearly 11 minute mileing !!! Being a coward  i think will leave it to you guys! 

  • Go on mark, wheres your sense of adventureimage.
  • 24 th of May equates to 6 days after the sarn helen 16,5 miler,you guys are definately madimage
  • Actually i did a 10 k last year the day after Cader Idris and was beaten by a 64 year old who had done it the day before!!He is amazing and i stilll have only beaten him once!!
  • Thought you were the Mad oneimage.
  • hi boys im back, chris just over 22 miles, but needed more fluids when i left you! I, should have asked u for a water top up, but i had no money on me   

    ha ha  ! 

  • Hi Belly boy, thanks for dropping in today. You should know you only have to ask if you need any thingimage.

    Still feel like crap, don't know what is wrong, all I can put it down to is dehydration.

    Mark good luck tomorrow, have a good race.

  • thanks Chris.looking forward to a blast,having my pre race glass of red.

    hope you feel better tomorrow,take a couple of days off, it will not affect your fitness.

  • Have a glass for me mate. Thanks for that, I was planning on having a day off tomorrow any way.

    Good luck mate.

  • well done mark on todays race 17th 26.36 for 4m some of the boys from port talobt done the race to.
  • thanks Adrian,had a good run but the last third of a mile was a killer hill even walked some of it. Still managed to pick up 2nd vet 50 so well chuffed.

    Hope chris is feeling better.

  • speedwork done today it was good to have the sun out.

  • Evening all

    Well done Mark, see your keeping up the good work.

    Still feeling a bit groggy but had to go to work. Will have a few nights off runningimage.

    FM Is Belly boy coming with us on Sunday?

    Mark are you doing the race in Cwmbran on Sunday?

  • Thanks Chris,glad you are feeling better.Rest till sunday and you will have a great race.I am doing a 10 k in Neyland on sunday,which is in the club championship.May see you guys in Whitford if I can get away from my work There are loads of races coming up now ,we are spoilt for choice!!.

  • chris i do not think bb is doing the race on sunday he will be doing is last long run.

    r you doing the 1m on thurs

  • I'll be there for Thursday. So its only us two for the team for Sunday thenimage. Does any one know any runnersimage.
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