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  • i see you at 5.40pm

    how long will it  take to got to the race on weds

  • speedwork done i have got to get my speed up 5x1000 today 3.33/ 3.26/ 3.26/ 3.26/ 3.31/ not good got to be looking at 3.20 for 1k .but we done a hilly race on sunday 8m monday on the hills and today was 8m in all. image up and away race on wedsimage
  • I burnt out on the forth 1000, legs just went to jelly. Tomorrow will just be a training run for Sunday. Will give you a bell when I finish work to sort out what time we are going.
  • Have you guys ever heard the word REST!!!
  • I know Mark I shouldn't have gone today but it was so nice out there, I will rest up on Friday and Saturdayimage.

    How are you doing, Are you going tomorrow?

  • Feeling very lazy not run since sunday.Tempted to make the effort tomorrow,still depends on how work goes ,being self employed is a pain sometimes.

    The  weather looks a bit cooler for sunday. 

  • Being self employed is great, until I start shouting at myselfimage. Give yourself an easy day! I amimage
  • Mark, you missed a great race today, would definitely recommend it.

    FM, hope your feeling better tomorrow, rest up mate.

  • FM, how you feeling tonight? better I hopeimage
  • not to bad got to go to bed at a good time tonight results are up on san domenico
  • whats up adrian?

    good running Chris,it sounds a good race shame they could not hold it at a weekend.

    no races for me untill bank holiday monday and then 3 in 6 days!

    nice pics of you guys at the prizegiving. 

  • Evening lads, hope your all well.

    Good run tonight, run with steve rees. Charles is up for sarn helen so should be a good dayimage.

  • Had my number through for London Marathon 2009 today, 29053.

    FM, have you entered yet? you need to enter to be in with a chance of the club spot if your entry fails.

  • not doing london chris not my cup of tea

    good luck on sunday

  • good luck tomorrow Chris,it should be a nice day,not too hot hopefully.

    I will be doing a gentle 9 miler and then open my birthday presentsimage

  • Thanks Mark.

    Hope you have a great birthday, I will have a few beers for you after the raceimage. Mine in a few weeks so you can have a few for meimage.

  • have a good birthday mark.

    chris birthday few weeks we will have to go out .

  • Yes FM, only seem like yesterday we were in Schooners for my 40th
  • Dam i'm getting oldimage
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK, have a great dayimageimageimage.
  • Thanks Chris.Just back from my 9 miler,thinking of you lot now on the start line ,hope it goes ok.

    Thanks Adrian,when is your next race?There is a 5.5 multi terrain next monday down in Pembs and then the Talley 5 k on the Friday and then the dam race on the sunday,3 races in 6 days!!Hopefully i will do them all as they are in our club championship.

  • hi mark how your birthday going been for a 13m run today 6 1/2 up hill and 6 1/2 down i had to get the beer out .i am doing a 5k on the 28/05/08 its on a weds at 7.30pm.next monday going to see the darts talley 5k i will be working but the dem race i am ok for i think i done it last year is it the one we done
  • Hi adrian,all ok down here,just chillin out for my birthday,will have a couple of glasses later on.If i drink in the day i just want to fall asleep.The boys should have finished by now,was a great day for it,will check the online results later.Yes the dam race was the one we did last year looking forward to a multi terrain for a change.Have you entered llanelli yet?.
  • yes entered llanlli good race that one
  • Afternoon lads,

    Just got back from the race, and YES I done it 1:58:27 very happy with the sub 2, got my badgeimage. 3rd vet 40 6th over all. Steve Rees was the hero of the day with 1st place. good club turn out with 10 people.

  • Fantastic running Chris,sub 2 hrs is awesome and 3rd vet.Well done!!!
  • Thanks Mark, It was a hard run but will be on a high for a while now its over.

    Hows the Birthday going? hope your having a good day. I'm sat here having a few beers for youimage

  • Hi boys,I had a great day yesterday but back to work today was hard.

    How are the legs today Chris? after looking at the results and seeing some of the names you beat your performance is even more impressive!You  obviously like hills

    No running for me today but hopefully some speedwork tomorrow..

  • Hi Mark, glad you had a good birthday.

    Legs are a bit sore tonight and I feel a bit tired but well worth it. Yes I must admit I enjoy a few hills. Having a night off myself, supposed to be doing speed work tomorrow but might give it a miss, see how my legs feel.

    FM, how you doing mate, have you been out today?

  • no running for me on monday but going to do speedwork today and its to work we go
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