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  • Morning.

    FM, where you racing?

    DV, you did great in the castles mate so dont put yourself down.

    PR5, hows that foot mate?

  • imageimageimage I get IT
  • Morning all image
    Hope everyone is well. Have a good day everyone!
  • morning allimage

    FL there a 5k in cardiff tonight the ssafa and i think its the vet league in cardiff to.

  • Hi all,

    BB - hope your wrist is getting better & Bev is ok after all those injections? Take it carefully on Sat - sounds like you are quite accident prone!

    PR5 - thanks for the photos & video link....what happened to all my rear view shots though....took quite a few!

    Hope club training was good last night & you managed to avoid the showers? funny old weather it's been last few weeks - dry & sunny one moment & pouring down the next!

    Going to do a 5k time trial today - Swansea bay 5k route. If Cardiff is flat I'd like to pb, but am worried my form at castles was a one-off or my morning coffee was spiked with something..... my pace at WCR would give me a sub 21min 5k, which I'd be chuffed to get one day image

    AP - how are you these days? Not heard from you for a while.

    Just seen the BoB results - well done to all. Good turnout from the club.

  • FM you are right it is the vet T & F in Cardiff tonight

    LTS Bev was very score yesterday but she went to bed at 9pm go up this morning at 7 50 am & seams to be O.K.& yes I am accident prone ,but I did manage 25 years without an injury image

  • BB - Good to see you out last night! Hope Bev is OK today. image

    FM - Not to bad mate, no worse so that's a plus!

    LTS - You will be fine saturday!

    Finally got the link for the video I put up on youtube - enjoy!


    More photos as well from WCR!


  • hi all

    well its not raining yet hope its like this tonightimage

    like BB said its the vets T&F tonight that will be a good warm up before the 5k on sat for all you vets

    right to let you all know  mr P said lastnight we are meeting at 7.30am on sat by the brook for the 5k.

    PD5 19.03 as your PB i think you will get about 18.20 on sat

  • Hmmm - 5k trial run today in 22.52......not happy! always find I'm slower running along Swansea prom than anywhere else & there was quite a strong breeze, but must not make up excuses.

    FL - I enjoyed browsing through those photos from WCR - nice one of MM61 running (lovely pose!), also liked the pic of Mr P, can in hand & looking knackered,  & GG looked like he was flying over that bridge. image  Excellent photos from you.

    Good luck to those doing the Vet's T&F league later. See some of you bright & early Sat am.

  • LTS you will be much faster on a real race,i can never run fast when training especially on my own but  somehow can do it on a raceimage
  • LTS, you can put your name to a few of them photos, you also did a great job.
  • The newsletter has now been added to the PT site - thanks GG 



  • Day 3. Here we goimage
  • LTS - if you want me to pick you up Saturday morning let me know as your only a few minutes from my house
    See you all tomorrow for nice easy slow loop
  • Received my 'GFA' London marathon entry today, number 32516, pretty pleasedimage

    now I need to get on the trip busimage

  • HWD well done that manimage

    FL day 2 for me vets league tonight plus 2 mile walk this afternoon with FMimage

  • Its no supposed to be this hard!!!!!image
  • BB, what marathon you training for?
  • PR5 thats a cracking offer but feel a tad uncomfortable impossing on you although i know becki
    realy means it,now i feel worse now as it sounds ungratefulimagemy plan was park somewhere around your area on your recommendation then catch 11.50pm train 2 swansea,as i can stay in my sons hse
    then he would take us to our car sometime sunday

    FM  did the ssafa once & yes it was a vets race & yes i had my butt kickedimage

    MM quote i find hard to train on my own but run fast in the race imageLOL i've yet 2 c that unless you mean 20 yrs ago when none of us saw youimage

    jacket spud smoked haddock & musshy peas for dinsimage
    sweet potatoe,schoulots,southern fried chicken for teaimage

  • MM61, you ungrateful sodimage and after a young lady offered you her bedimageimage.
  • HWD, I remember getting on that trip bus in the 70'simage still get flash backs nowimage.
  • PR5 just watched your trailer on you tube as well as a cracking runner your a brainy little so & so it was great thanks inc my 2 secs trying to nick BB's pint
  • Evening all image
    Nice little 5 miles with PD steady and a change of route! PD thanks mate as always... Enjoyed!
    MM61 - I like messing around with stuff like that but NST got something better coming! Can't wait to see it!
    FL - finding it tough as well, this achillies is in no rush to go either!
    HWD - great news! But be careful of tripping!!
  • PD5, that dont sound too good about you and NSTimageimage. Hope that achilles clears up soon. You would have kicked my but big time tonight! glad I went on my own!
  • FL - Me and NST image. Kick your butt...!!! Ha! Ha! only in my dreams mate!  
  • sweet dreams r made of thisimage

    PR5  spoke to my son he's ok with everything so the answer is yes!!!!!!!!!!! but honestly there is no probs if awkward even if you tell me on saturdayimage

  • where r the trots mob today,JD may be running imagesurely granddad aint in bedimage
  • Evening all

    Glad to hear your marathon men are training. No running for me till Next week. Busy sorting out Kids football presentation and of course a curry and a feww beers on Saturday night. May come and watch Saturday morning but don't count on it.

    MM61 - what a shame the old wrist band won't work saturday. Looking forward to it and Mrs DV is as well.
  • Morning all

    Well we went to the vets league & enjoyed ,Mr P entered nearly every event ,He has got his zest for running well and truly backimageJohn Hopkins John Davies & Ian Swanson Mell James all preformed well in various disciplines,I only ran the 3,000 meters the first race of the night & called it a night as I had nowt left after run as fast as my fat body would allow 8.12 ave paceimagebut if you don't put it in you don't get it  out,so time has come to start slowly working my way back up the club rankings

    FL My plan is to see if I can get fit for a marathon late this year or sometime next year body permitting image

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