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  • BB - had to pick the kids up that is the reason one left early. Had a great time though.

    MM61 - how is you?

    PD - Well done mate on organising last nights bash, just 1 question when the next 1?
  • DV I knew you would have a good reason for stopping drinkingimage
  • Hi allimage Sounds like lots of good running going on out there todayimage

    14.71m for me today - bit of a slow plod as legs still heavy from Friday's race, very hilly route and baking hot, so didn't push it! 2:04, 8.27 pace. On a positive, there's a monster of a long hill at around the 8m point and last year I usually ended up walking part of it- didn't even cross my mind todayimage

  • Hi guys and gals,

    Port Talbot Harriers AGM is on Wednesday 6th July at 7:30pm in the Briton Ferry Con Club. All members welcome to attend.

  • MY apologies for not being able to make the AGMimage. I'm travelling back from FRance that day. Would have liked to have gone and had a few beers afterwards image 
  • jOND - thanks John, should be there!
    Going to have a nap after that hilly 12 miles this morning?
  • LTS - thanks for asking, I'm finally doing great again!!  Managed a whole week's running this week, first time since Easter. image Do a couple more and hopefully come back on a Tuessday.

    Thanks for the heads up about the Drovers run, I am chuffed - I really wanted to do it, for some odd reason and knew there was no way I would be ready in 4 weeks.  November is perfect!!

    BB - I'm in the same position as you, (Overweight and unfit - that is),  but hopefully now can just get my head down, without any further problems.  I am off in couple of weeks for a week, so if you would like some company then, for some day time off road runs, let me know.

  • afternoon image

    a big thanxs to u all for last nites bash we had a great timeimage

    sorry we shot of without saying by it was 23.30 & the last train was 23.49 if we missed that we would have to knock PR5's hotel image

    AP great company mate hope you enjoyed our sesh on the king cobra did u know it was *5 proof in 2 pint bottlesimage
    had a lovely meal today curtesy of my son washed down with some ale then back 2 his for a napimage

  • BB that you would have been there last niteimage
  • Sounds like you all had a blast last night!  Hopefully I will make the next one. image

    Added another initial to my user name, I know Alan as Mr. P, but obviously he is refered to as AP too!! 

  • Well done to all the 5k racers yesterday - what a damp & horrid day! Some good times, especially sounds like PR5, PD & SWD had a good race - well done.

    Hope the curry night was good yesterday & you all enjoyed yourselves? Really looking forward to the next social.

    SWD - went to message you on here, but like a sensible person you dont have that feature enabled image Just to say thanks for the toast - was lovely to have that chat in Tesco afterwards. Well done for your run too - was that a pb over the distance?

    AP - glad things are getting better, yes I thought I hadn't seen you for a while & you went quiet on here too. image

    TF - Hope your foot / leg gets better soon.

  • its a tad quiet on here you all must be gathering raysimagei certainly am only dropped in for a refil
  • MM61 - bed was great, had a sleep this afternoon as well. Maybe next time? Must be the sunshine keeping people off here.
    AP - now enough excuses! Get down training! It's the only way to get better!! No more "a couple more sessions" etc that's what the club is for.... To get better! image
    Hope everyone has had a great day... How stupid is this weather!
    LTS - hope the calf is better? Even if PD is your favourite and shouting for him and just being polite clapping me! image
  • Evening all image

    Enjoyed last night lets hope we can do it again soon.Drunk a bit more than i was planning to and was surprised that i managed to get up in time to go for a run up AA.I haven`t sweated so much in my life and that`s saying something lol

    Glad i done it now though.GG,PR5,FM,RB and MF managed to get me round.I had to hold back a bit as i was very tight due to yesterdays race and last nights drinking image Last thing i want is an injury!

    JD - Cheers mate.During the race i didn`t think i was going to do it but i did so happy with that image

    LTS - No problem.Yeah it was really nice talking to you too image I didn`t know my PM was switched off.I`ve enabled it now so maybe i`m not that sensible image

    I think you did the right thing sitting out yesterdays race.Must of been hard watching from the sidelines but if you raced and made your calf worse you would of been out longer.

    Yeah it was a PB for that distance.My plan for the rest of the year was sub 20 5k and a sub 1:30 half marathon.Got the 5k but the tougher task of the half marathon is to come.Roll on October image

  • Beyonce it is then!! at Glastonbury image 
  • Only me watching it then!!! image
  • Hi all sounds like your curry night was a great success. Will try to make next one but I am hopeless on beer.Glad all you guys enjoyed the 12 this morning. Been busy all day since ,went swimming,then up with family for Sunday roast, then walk in AA just back in time to mow lawn before tomorrows thunderstorms. Tired boy now bed for me.
  • G. Grinder - Not sure "enjoyed" is the right word!!! image Excellent thanks!

    Right back to Beyonce!!

  • morning all

    AP glad to here you are up & running again i will have a chat about training on Tuesday

    PR5 nice chat yesterday

  • Morning all image
    BB - same here!
  • Morning All!

    PR5 Beyonce rocked image

    Well done to all for Saturday's 5k park run was fun!

    LTS - How's the calf?

    See you tomorrow all! image

  • went for a short run this morning, but pushed myself out of my comfort zone. My pace is improving. It was 8:38. Its usually in the 9's or 10's. But thats cos I just been running in a level thats not uncomfortable. So I ran 3.59km in 00:19:22. I'm happy with that as I know I worked hard for my level of runner.see u all in about 2wks.image

  • The Championship table  update is now available:


    Thanks BB

    Any errors please report to me or BB asap


  • CG - Excellent, thank you. Lets hope bad weather wipes out all the remaining races! image

    Off for a run with ABU from his at 5pm anyone fancy it..!!!

  • Evening allimage

    PR5- why? You're not at the top yetimage

    Bit of a rush to fit in tonight's 6m before my sports massage appointment- but I managed itimage Lovely cool evening- great change from this morning and yesterdayimage Long may it continue!image

  • Evening image

    Very quiet on here latelyimage Glad you all enjoyed you curry nite,sounds like a good eveningimage

    First sunday yesterday for weeks of no racing for me,had a little run and then went out for lunch,was more tired after than if had been racingimage 

    When is everyones next race????

  • MM- Silver Valley next Sundayimage Are you running? Do you know where it is? What's the course like?image

    Spicy veg pasta coming up shortlyimage

  • evening both

    My next race is the 5K park run in two weeks time,image

    Had a weigh in this morning & i lost 3 lbs ,I am down to 12 st 7 lbs so that means I have lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks,my target is below 11 st .So i still have a way to go but little steps up in running should do the trick I hopeimage

  • BB- well done. I lost NO weight last week- still 12st 6lbs-- but body fat % is down, so no worries- not yet anywayimage 
  • JD - Vets. position! image Once FL starts my 30 & 29 point days are over!!!

    JN - Well done on your run today! Keep it up!

    ABU - Thanks for the run my man! Enjoyed and dont forget CLUB training tomorrow! image

    BB - Well done on the weight!

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