Port Talbot harriers



  • BB well done,we need you back racing,...there are too many serious runners on this site,it need lightening upimage

    JD i am back from York sat nite so hoping to go to Silver 10 k,never done it looking at last years times its going to be very hilly image

    Here is my planned races

    Silver valley 10 k 3rd July

    Poppit Sands 5 k...5th July

    LLanelli 5 k ..7th July

    Ammanford  10k 10th July

    Swansea 5 k........12th July

    come on you lot you know it makes sense ,its summer lets enjoy the racesimage

  • MM- 5 races in 10 days- you're one crazy man!!image Silver Valley is going to be hilly- also MTimage

    Anyone else done it? MM61??

  • MM- just found this about Silver Valley 10k.....image

    The route start's with two laps of the school field, about 800/900 mtrs, out onto the road, down hill to about 1.3/4 miles, slight hill, down again and undulating until 3.1/4 miles, then up a 25% plus hill, down a farm track, through a quarry, past the 4 mile marker, 500 mtrs down hill on road, then along an old railway track, to just before 5 miles, then up hill, an very old farm track, through the farm and even more mud and track, one lap of the school field to the finish.

    full details and pichere- you'll have to scroll down

  • JD  theres also a Fusion 5 k in ammanford on the 14 th,, forgot that oneimage
  • eveningimageof coarse i done thought you knew me by know

    @last i gotta a lap top not new but off my son i knew there was a reason 4 having childrenimage

    JD that is the same silver valley coarse i did not telling u my time,you but start looking for itimage

    pork chops swede & mash veg & gravy

    MM your a novice mate my pb for a years races is 58 & that includes being away for five weeks of the year

  • JD that looks a fun race ,you will enjoyimage
  • MM61- lol! Reckon around 44 would be good going.

    There's always Aberdare though and a new PBimage

  • c u later got things to sort out on my lap top

  • MM61 thought you would be out there lurkingimage

    Shiraz and black pepper chicken casserole with creme fraiche,spuds and peas,washed down with a Pinot grigio blushimage 

  • MM61- no sign of you in Silver Valley results- unless you were undercoverimage

    MM- are you interested in doing Aberdare? You'll get sub 40image 

  • MM61 I am not trying to beat your PB of races,just enjoying the racing and social side of it,image

    Running is great but continuous training can be tedious especially in the winter marathon months so i intend to enjoy the summer funimage

  • JD whens Aberdare??
  • Sundayimage Great race for Macmillan- bus from finish/registration to start- downhill for last 3m and grandstand finish with lap of trackimage
  • JD just looked,it looks like too early a start for me,will probably go down west and get muddyimage

  • exspensive rip off with an overlarge t/s & its mostly down hill so can,t call that your pb
    JD i did silver valley @least 5yrs agoimage

  • MM - I'm doing Sunday Aberdare along with Colin Anthony, Oakee, ?ABU, PD not sure who else and yes looking for a PB!!!! Not all plain sailing though with a subway to go under and a footbridge to climb! image

    MM61 - Good job you stayed with your son as you would not have got a laptop off me! image

  • PR5- a subway and a footbridge and lots of downhill. I couldn't claim a PB thereimageimage

    MM- I'll be getting muddy tooimage 

  • JD ....MM61 s right ,dont just pick races for a PB otherwise they will come back and bite you. You are flying at the moment so there are many more to comeimage
  • MM61- gotchaimage 40.14image Not likely to get close to that!image
  • PR 5 same goes for you,...there are many PBs in your checkout basketimage
  • PR5 you should have known i was upto somethingimage
    free bed & breakfaST then taken out to lunch then come away with a lop top total cost a £2.10 train ticketimage
    yes apart from that its down hill all the way 
  • Off to bed soon, night allimageimage
  • JD u nosey little so & so wat year was it i can,t remember yes you will have to go some to top that as theres a nasty slow off road sectionimage

  • MM i,m struggling with the mouse on this peskie lap top
  • MM61  2005 image
  • You can plug a normal mouse in....image
  • MM61 the early laptops were difficult you probably need a seperate mouse as Jd says.image

    Think i might go to bed too........image

  • JD 6 yrs ago don,t time fly did u notice a certain dewi jones behind meimage
    wish i knew how u put here on forum & result pops up
    yes may have to plug in my old mouse
  • JD - I will claim it...!!! If its 10K its 10K. Did my first sub 40 there last year which give me confidence to do it at Ammanford straight after, and a couple of times since including Richard Burton 10K as well..! So get in there and get that PB image. FL said to me once you go sub 40 you will wonder what was stopping you!!! I think its upstairs with us and the bit between our ears which hold us back - it was with me.

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