Port Talbot harriers



  • I suppose i could do Merthyr mawr and make it 4 races in 6 days,but that would not go down too well with wifey as she has said she is doing the Talley 5 k. on friday
  • Maybe she could do 2 in a weekimage, how brave are youimage.
  • Not that brave she is sitting next to me!!
  • Shall I take that as a no then. Apparently its a good course for a PBimage
  • good running mark

    on the beer all day monday and working 2pm to 10.30 pm today and 6am to 2pm on weds and than the racesimage 

  • hi boys whats up

    very hard run this weekend a bad head wind , trained very hard  for this. run my hardest could not have run one second more,im now feeling the affects headaches. earache the shakes and sweating

    p s im now on the sick

    speak 2 u soon boys

  • Evening BBB, well done on a good race in the windy conditions mate. Give me a bell when you've had a rest, Let me know if you fancy doing the red kite challenge weekend with me. Rest up mateimage.
  • hi chris im doing llanelli 10k the same weekend i believe

    i ve also doing cardiff half and swansea 10k set up

    im also looking for my next marathon (certified) a.s.p.

    im going 2 break 3hours even if i got 2 go on a push bike ?

  • Rest up son, we'll get there soon, we need to work together for itimage.
  • FM, what time tonight?

    BBB, are you coming?

    What about you mark?

  • Not coming tonite Chris,saving myself for friday.Have a good one!!
  • no for me chris

    im still ill

    hi fordman,enjoying work see u soon when im better?  

    hope i ll be better for the swansea 5 k

    see u

  • imagebbb it all going on in work

    chris i will ring you in a bit . i amimage and i love the rain

  • whats up fordman,

    everyone seems 2 be on the sick in my department

    are u going 2 nite if so all the best u &chris

    see or speak 2 u soon


  • Afternoon lads, its a bit wet out there, but not very windy.
  • hey whats up son, u should be out working this time of day ?
  • All done mate, nice to have an early dayimage.

    How you feeling?

  • im ill, shakes,bad head and ears
  • Race done and a new PB for me 18:42, very happy. The boys did very well good times had by all.

    BBB, get well soon mate.

  • impressive running Chris,you must be well chuffed.

    I am feeling fed up,my foot has been painfull since yesterday morning,feels a bit worse tonite.Must have been the rough terrain on sunday.Hopefully its only bruising and not the dreaded pf.

    may miss the 5k on friday and hpoefully be fit for sundays race.

  • Thanks Mark it was a good race, bit wet though.

    Rest that foot mate, a fast 5k will only make it worse.

  • hi fordman/

    what was your time?

    swansea bay 5 k next boys hope 2 be back see u soon 

  • hi bbb my time as 18.14 good race but it was wet
  • hi boys,

    just checking out a few runs and these marathon relays sound good, they are starting 2 get very popular

    anyone up 4 this boys?

  • where date time and how long have you got to runimage
  • 8-10 miles not 2 sure will have 2 get more imfo if interesrted ?
  • let me know bbb

    good running today 10m in all done the big loop in 36.20 a good workout

  • Very good work out, great running had by all, thanks for dragging me round fm.

    BBB are you coming out with us tomorrow night???

  • i do not think i was dragging you around chris it was a good pace all the way
  • Are you coming tomorrow night fm?
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