Port Talbot harriers



  • Mario are you out there?
  • Mark, hows the foot, hope your on the mend.
  • I think its on the mend,been walking and stretching and feeling better now ,not running tomorrow nite,but hopefully ok for sundays race.

    just found out i am doing stage 19 of castles Abercynon to Caerphilly 10.4 miles,lets hope i am ok for it.

  • Morning all

    God luck on the castles run Mark.

    Out tonight for a few beersimage.

  • sorry chris i can t im stil  unwell ?

    if i was better id be there in a flash

  • hi i up and about.

    chris i am going to swansea be about 1.1/2 hr i will give you a ring if your up for a easy run out

  • Morning all.

    FM, I have been out already mate, nice easy 10 mile, I had to go slow I'm a old man now.

  • Old with a sore head I bet as well...still on for Sunday AM gents?
  • its ok chris done easy 8m

    steve 8am sunday 

  • Happy Birthday Chris,you are not old just a puppy compared to me.image

    Have a great day,its certainly a good one for having a few beers.

  • Thanks Mark, Are you racing tomorrow, if so hope you have a good one.

    FM, Steve, are you coming here in the morning? Plan is to leave here at 7:50am to meet Alan at 8am at there roundabout.

    Great night last night, head is still a bit fizzyimage. More of the club turned up for beer than they do for training and racingimage.

  • I'll be there by 07:50. image

  • chris i will see you by the roundabout at 8.

    my head is not to bad image

  • Great stuff, see you both in the morningimage. weather looks a bit damp.

    Any more takers?. Clare and Alex may come with us.

  • Mornin all

    Hope you guys enjoy your little 18 milerimage

    Off to the dambusters race now,hope my foot holds up.

    catch you later

  • Afternoon all

    18 miles done. good run today, nice weather for it.

    Mark, hope you had a good race, hope the foot held out.

  • hi god in the end i had done 21m today .i was not going to do any long runs anymore image

  • You guys are heroes!!!

    just got back,hard race but worth it, 40 seconds quicker than last year so quite chuffed,2nd vet 50 and we won the team.

    saw some of your guys there.they also had impressive times.

    next race for me is the swansea 5 k

    see you soon.

     ps foot seems ok

  • well done mark see you in swansea
  • Well done Mark, still running well. Glad the foot is better. Did any of our boys win any thing?

    Swansea is our second race, we are doing the track and field in Aberdare on the 8th.

  • Results This makes some very interesting reading!!! Very well done Mark thats a cracking time.
  • Hi Chris,

    Sorry about the delay - now on line


  • Hi Mario, welcome aboard.
  • Thanks Chris

    I think carl was just out of the awards,but they had slight navigation problems and only just made the start due to an extra long warm up.

    It was only about 5.5 miles so time not too bad because of all the hills

  • imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage whats up boys cw and km no good

  • Good efforts all round in the Trot's race, well done!!!

    Thanks for the run this morning Chris, will definetly be up there again some time soon (that'll be after the 14 sessions on a running machine are out of the way).

  • Was a good run steve. see you in two weeks.

  • merthyr mawr 5k res r up boysimage 
  • speedwork done today 5x1000m and some easy running.and now its time for workimage
  • 10 very hilly miles done today. FM, Speed work on a Monday! Now what are you going to do tomorrow?
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