Port Talbot harriers



  • Just back from seeing Tony, he is looking very well. And he is looking forward to doing Anglesey marathon.
  • go tony goimage 

    tomorrow tomorrow is a new dayimage

  • how profetic of you Ford Man
  • Morning all

    Steve, you still in the country?

  • morning

    the ford man is not profetic he is looking on theimage side of it.i like Tony he a top man

  • 11m done today 10k good pace and 5m easy going .
  • 11.23 Weaver, up Chris's hill to the top and then dropped down into Clyne (Chris, your route on Sunday has opened up a whole new world, at least 5 routes for the price of one), average pace 6.20, peaked at 5.15.  Off to work now, so no more outdoor routes for two weeks. Take care lads.
  • good going steve 6.20 and up the big hill well done . see you soon
  • Tis a good place to run Steve, loads of routes up that way. See you when you get home mate.

    FM, where did you go today. How is Belly boy, is he back in work yet?

  • bellyboy still ill can t wait 2 get back

    see u soon boys?

  • Some great running tonight and some good times, lots of PB's I had 18:27image.
  • Yo Belly boy, how you doing mate? when do you think you'll be back with us? Are you running Swansea bay next Tuesday?
  • Mario, what time did you do tonight? did you PB?
  • Yes - 21.48 - what time did Kyle do?

    How did your birthday go - I'll always remember the date as it's the same as the wife and Clints (May 31st).

     Sorted my photo at last


  • Hi Mario, kyle did 21:44. Night out was great good turn out, there was about 15 of us out. More than we get to training and racing! we will have to change the name of the club to Port Talbot Beer drinkers club!!!imageimageimage.
  • Hi Chris 

    Tell Kyle to keep looking over his shoulder next Tuesday  - Swansea 5K- there will be a sprint to the line - consider the gauntlet thrown - saying that my money's on Kyle to beat me


  • 8m done today lots of hils .good going on the 5k did you run on the road if yes it is 5k if no its about 2.9m
  • bellyboy is on the mend

    i believe we can go under 18 min for 5 kimage

    perhaps ill be back for the 2nd swansea bay 5 kimage

    hi fordman hows work hope its nice and warm for u image

    give my regards 2 craig tell him im geting better imageimageimageimageimageimage

    see u soon boys

  • work is work son are you up and running
  • Evening all

    Slow 8.5 miles tonight, some good hills but slow.

    FM, the all singing all dancing watch said it was 3.03 miles last night. Paul's said 3 miles.

    Belly Boy, are you running next weeks 5k in Swansea?

  • no

    but never say neverimage

  • Are you coming with us Sunday to Aberdare, senior league track and field?
  • hi allimage
  • hi boys

    whats aberdare about

    which events are we talking about

    any more info ?

    who s going

  • Hi boys

    8 undulating miles for me this morning at 7.20 pace.feeling pretty good.Looking forward to tuesday evening when you boys demolish me!!

  • hi mark

    u should have no problems tuesday, just make sure chris does not try to trip u up or he might get his dog 2 run in front of u, hes also been known to put a couple of lead weights in your drink be careful... imageimage

  • hi bbb,what time u lookin for? Have you fully recovered yet?

    I am hoping for about 19.40 but its the first fast race for a long time

  • Evening all

    Your running well mark, you will definitely have a good run on Tuesday.

    BBB, have a look at this Welsh Athletics there are a few of us going. Give me a bell.

  • I hate running machines....so boring!!!
  •  BORING not the word for it steve .been for a 10m today and the sun is outimage see you soon

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