Port Talbot harriers



  • Evening all

    How is every body? hope your all well. I'm not running tonight, having a rest and a blow out on the beerimage. Its been one of them days so I'm going for it.

    Steve, good luck with the Dreadmill. Wont be long mate you'll soon be home to some good runningimage.

  • hi mark allmost better

    if i go tuesday hoping about 18.30

    hi chris i wont go sunday im starting to get a few miles under my belt

    anyone going for a longish run sunday let me know

  • 18:30! nice to see you setting your sights highimage. Glad to here your on the mend mate, see you soon.
  • whats up image

    chris r you running on sat

    i am not going on sunday it will be a long day .

    bbb  i am going for a run on sunday but not a long one about 13m

  • Yo FM, how arnt you in work? Why arnt you going Sunday? Are you ok? I may go for a run tomorrow but only about 10 slowish, about 7:30 ishimage.
  • Evening all

    Anyone coming to the Welsh senior league T&F tomorrow? 10:30AM at the Bagel Brook.

  • Hi Chris,

     Down with a cold so wont be there tomorrow - should be ok for Tuesday though in Swansea - I going straight from work - so anybody welcome to a lift home from Swansea.


  • Morning peepsimage, Off out for a day of T&F.
  • have a good one son.

    13m done today me and bbb 6 1/2m hills .see you tues for the 5ks

  • well done fm and bbb

    10 fairly hilly miles at 7.25 pace,so fairly pleased.Next weeks castles leg is 10.4 miles so mentally i am ready,hope its a dull day because my leg is at 2.pm.

    see you tuesday

  • Evening all

    Just back from a great day at the track. done 3000m in 10:59:60, 1500m in 5:06:00, did the shot putt best throw was 5.40m. Had my ass kicked in most of it held my own in the 3000m in my cat. but great experience and a great day. all the lads done good, kyle took a dive at the end of the 100m and is slightly grazed but think his pride was worst hitimage.

  • See you all on Tuesday

    Hows the belly boy running? hope your better mate.

    Mark keep it up mate.

  • chris 5.06 for the 1500m good time son i think i run 5.06 1 year ago in the 1500m in the club race
  • Evening all

    Nice and easy 11 miles for me tonight, a few nice hills and plenty off sunshine.

    BBB are you running tomorrow?

    FM, you missed a good day yesterday you would have enjoyed.

  • seen bbb in work and he not going tomorrow.

    no running for me today a nice day off

    i seen your boy today chris 13.4 for 100m good going

  • FM, how are you getting there and what time tomorrow?
  • i will take my car and i am going over at 5.30 r you comein over with me
  • I'm taking kyle and Michelle and josh may come with me, there is room for you if you want a lift.
  • Best of luck lads, wish I could be there.  Managed twelve on the runner yesterday, but had to see the medic this evening for some "hot rock" massage of the dodgy hamstring, still a bit sore.
  • Good luck tonight lads, sorry I cant be there as I have pulled something in my leg. I am guttedimage.

    Steve, how you doing mate, hope your leg is OK. See you soon, only a week leftimage.

  • Morning all

    Hope you all had a good night last night. Leg is a bit better today so think I did the right thing for onceimage.

  • Hi Chris,glad your leg is a bit better,a few day rest will do no harm.

    Enjoyed last nite 19.28 ,14 seconds faster than my quickest last year.Fm was flying as usual.

    see you soon

  • Swansea bay 5K 

     Equalled my PB - 22.13 - school boy error started at the back of the field at the start - would have defo had a PB otherwise

    Also grabbed the last goody bag as they run out after I came in - too close

     Results posted last night also uploaded to www.runninginwales.com


  • nice website Mario did not know about it.

    Hows the leg tonite Chris?

    my garmin showed 3.16 miles for last nite so slightly over 5 k

  • Evening all

    Leg still a bit sore but much better than last night, more rest tonight and see how it feels tomorrow.

  • mario how is the western ave results on running in wales  .i like it  i will see you on thur for the club .

    chris will not be long and you will be on the road son

    mark well done on the 5k  it was a bit windy on the last two k i think the times will come  down if no wind

    mario a pb in that wind good going

  • Morning all

    Legs feeling much better, hopfully will be out tonightimage.

  • Morning all

    Leg held outimage.

  • hi no running for me today working 10pm to 6am see you soon
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