Port Talbot harriers



  • hi mark  my head not to good but i will be ok for tomorrow

    me not likeing this windimage

  • image beer and wind is a no no .for a 10k race like s*it allthe way image
  • Well done guys - second place in the team race (Swansea was first) in the Llanelli 10k today -no prizes though - I hung around for the presentations.

    1.Kieran 2. Jerome 3. Not sure if it was fordman or bellyboy 

    Got my PB - under 47 mins and the Captain had a blinder. Conditions were not good in the wind particularly towards the end.


  • Hi Adrian,hope your feeling better.It was a hard old race ,they can only get easier after that one.

    I am well chuffed as i managed 2nd vet 50

    When is your next one?there is a 6 miler on friday evening with sarn helen,50 mins north of carmarthen and its virtually flat too.

  • Good race up at Resolvan today, Xterra 1/2 marathon trail run, very hilly, very dirty and very technical. Highly recommend it for next year.
  • Hi All,

    Llanelli results in - downloaded to: http://runninginwales.com/results.aspx for your convenience

    Confirmed pb 46:50


  • well done mario,46.50 is a good time for those conditions.
  • Just got back from the weekend off great racing. Had a great time and done very well. Saturday I came 9th over all and second vet40 took silver in Welsh and uk trail champs. 1:26. Sunday was hard but still surprised my self, came 4th over all and 1st vet40. 2:18. 2nd over all for the weekend and 1st vet.

    Well done lads on the 10k

    Steve well done mate

    My legs are now shot so will cach you all some time in the weekimage. Would definitely recommend this race. If your mad enoughimage.

  • Fantastic running running Chris,you are an inspiration!!!   Well done!!! 
  • You too mark, well done mateimage, talked to a few of your club at the race yesterday. you should give it a go next year.
  • FM, how you doing mate, what you working this week?
  • imagechris i am working days 6 to2.15
  • 10m done today   see you all for speedwork on tues
  • well done F M you are obviously feeling better.

    How are the legs Chris? I hope you have had a day off running.

    When is your next race guys?

    Friday evening for me,sarn helen 6 miler

  • hi mark i am a bit better and i am off the beer

    my next race is in aderdare on sunday its a 5m race it s a new one for me hope i am better  by sunday i need a good race. see you soonimage

  • good running today 7.5m run +4.5m speedworkimage

    mario look at the welsh athletics site for the aberdare 5m run on sunday or ring ann crimmings on  01685  876456.

  • Hi Adrain,

    No clues on the websites  - so I phoned Ann Crimmings - It's a run around Aberdare Park, at 12 noon (children's race earlier at 11am) - cost £5 on the day. I've put these details on my website.


  • Hello everyone.

     Was a good training session last night, i just about managed to hold on this time for the 4 laps at just under 7 minute/mile pace. Unlike the sub 6 minute pace of the week before lol.

     Well done for the weekend Chris, sounds like you run a great race.


  • Like the picture, does this mean we'll be seeing more of your back as you pick up speed?
  • I am picking up the training a bit now. Ive got 2 weeks of florida to contend with (gonna put some weight on there lol) and then when i get back i can carry on with some serious training and hopefully do some races.

    Now i have eased the hamstring probelm a fair bit i have been able to do up to 9 mile runs with no problems so far. So fingers crossed nothing else brakes...

  • Afternoon all

    Gareth, welcome aboard mate. Great to see you got through the training last night. It wont be long before your kicking my ass again.

    Still not running, I'm shattered after the weekend. Didn't realise how much it took out of meimage.

    So hows the lads doing, any news?

  • mario i  am up for the aberdare 5m on sunday i will see you on thurs for the club run.

    hi mr ayres whats up son  keep on runningimage

    chris r you out on thurs

  • FM, not too sure about tomorrow yet, was hoping to run tonight but feel very tired so will see tomorrow how I feel.
  • Hi FM,

    I should be there thurs - spoke to the organisers of the Aberdare 5m to check/confirm that they will email me the results. I'm driving up, Ray said he's going (navigating) aswell - I believe Jerome and Kieran are also going - should have room for one more.

  • look what time i am up for work
  • Evening all

    Hope you've all dried off now. what a night out there tonightimage. Who's racing on the weekend? what day is it on?

  • hi Chris how are the legs?glad you are taking it easy.

    sarn helen race for me tomorrow nite as long as i can get away early enough.

    hope the weather is better!!

    when is your next race?

  • what a night wind it was like sunday
    aberdare 5 on sunday chris 12pm
    have a good one mark hope its not windy
  • Good luck tomorrow Mark. My legs are OK thanks still feel a bit tired although done 10 miles tonight and feel OK for it at the moment, Now I've dried off that isimage.

    FM are you running any more before the race?

    Mark, if you see Mark Dunscombe,Sarn Helen runner,tomorrow tell him I was asking what happened to him last weekend?

  • chris i am out running on friday and sat
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