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  • 8m of hillwork on mon and a 12m today see you soonimage r we going on sunday WEST GLAM

    and what you doing on sat

  • hi ford man ,have you changed your name?
  • Hi Mark, how you keeping mate.

    Good running for me tonight 10 miles of speed workimage, 6miles alone and 4 with the club.14 miles total running. felt really good.

    Belly boy, your looking good mate keep it up.

    FM, how you doing mate, why wernt you there tonight?

  • hi Chris

    doing pretty good at the moment by my standards.Compared to you guys my training is pretty pathetic,but i managed 9 miles on sunday at 7 minute pace according to my garmin so i should be on target for about 1hr 30 in Llanelli anything less and i will be well chuffed.Keep up the good work!! 

  • Mark, nothing pathetic in 7 min/mile for 9 mile mate. Are you running the West glam league on Sunday in Penrhos?
  • thanks chris.

    dont think i will be there,as i need to do about 10 miles steady.I may go down to the coastal path in llanelli and do it there because its only half an hour from home.May find a few places where i can trip you guys up!!imageimage

  • mark yes changed my name by d pollimage

    chris i was working 2.15pm to 10.30pmimage

    mark 7min/mile is good.we will bring chris dog he will trip you up if your name is CWimage

  • i think i will be too far behind you guys to do any tripping up!! the weather looks good for sunday  are you doing the cross country ford man?I may be tempted on the day if i can get a long run in tomorrow.
  • 10 miles with Steve Rees tonightimage. How does he he make it look so easy. did the same run Sunday with Judith in 92 mins, just done it with Steve 77 minsimage, just a slow jog for him.

    What have you lot been up to?

  • 12m for me on weds and doing speedwork today

    what time are we going on sunday chris i will take my car

  • just done a little over 10 miles at slightly under 7 minute pace ,well chuffed!

    did it on the route of the llanelli half,fantastic day for it,lets hope we are lucky on the day and we should get pb s

  • Mark, your flying mate, keep up the good work. Are you doing a marathon this year?

    Adrian, I think its 9:30 am, I'll see Alan later and give you a bell.

  • Run the loop with the club tonight, new PB 33:15, landed with thatimage. Thanks Belly boy for dragging me most of the way aroundimage.
  • good running chris i think my pb for loop is 32.37  working 6-2.15pm next week i will have a go for a new pb on loop .

    i will be home at 7.30 pm today i will ring you going for 12m today

  • hi chris,ford man,mad mark everyone seems 2 be running well at the moment, can not make sunday morning due 2 work, tried hard not 2 work never mind hope u all have a good run i will have 2 do a 20 plus mile run in the afternoon.     run well boys see u soon.   image    
  • see you monday barnes boyimage
  • up up and a way west glam today image but its cold out side see you at 9.30am
  • Morning peeps
  • hope you guys had a good race,it is a cracking day for it.Decided to give it a miss and do a lsr which is now over so  i can relax.

    no marathons for me this year Chris just a couple of halfs,Llanelli,Dale in sept and maybe one in France in october otherwise lots of local smaller races to chase you guys in!

  • Afternoon lads

    Nice race today, good to have a change of scenery. Managed 35:15, not as good as the young Kenyansimage.

    Ran home from the race so got a total of 23+ miles in todayimage. Adrian thanks for dropping my bag home for me.

  • Well impressed  Chris,running 18 miles home from a race!What can one say? My missus suggested men in white coats!! but she thinks we are all mad anyway. image

  • just found the list of entries for the llanelli half are up on their website,quite a big entry by the look of it. 

  • Hi mark, your right there mate, you don't have to be mad but it helpsimage. Hows your running going.

    Found the list, thanks, this is the link to it if anyone else wants a look, Llanelli half image

    Belly boy, have you been out today?

  • Ran just over 10 today,thats long for me,did it in about 7.35 pace so am fairly happy.Feeling fairly confident for the llanelli half,will just hang in there for the last couple of miles.May try to do about 11 miles next sat and then wind down before the race.Have posted entry for Teifi 10 today,never done that one before,shame because its the day before the Carmarthen 5 k my local race.   
  • Mark, the Teifi 10 is a great race, slightly undulating. I did it in 66:40 last year.And we won a bronze team medal.
  • hi boys who are winners today,nice run chris did many enter,im gutted i could not make it, done 21 miles  for me this afternoon  
  • where s my boy the fordman tonight is he on the p*** he likes his pint,
  • Yo Belly boy. Hes in the cinema tonight.

    Winners were Kieran, Adrian, Jerome,Gareth,Me,Alan. not sure of the rest but we had a good turn out. I ran home after the race with Mark Reynolds.

  • what did charles come

  • Hes not in our team. the boys were just behind himimage.
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