Port Talbot harriers



  • mark the 10k in aberdare

  • cheers adrian,

    I dont think i will be there ,just found out there is one down west in pembrokeshire so i may do that one.

    how is the cold today?

  • cold has gone now mark been out today 14m.7m v windy 7m to hot i can not win
  • 14 miles ,good going Adrian.

    Are you still training for a marathon?if so when is it?

    See you next Tuesday

  • marathon? no i do not think so
  • is anyone doing the aberdare 10k on sunday its a 9am start and its from penderyn to the leisure centre £10 and you have a chip of your times. let me know i will take my car
  • Good luck for the next 2 weeks races. Especially swanea bay 5k.

     Ford Man and chris you two gotta be in the low 18's this time! Thats if you turn up this time chris image

     And Mario you got to do a sub 22 mins.

     I know you can all do it, i have faith. image

    Ill be thinking of you all in pain in the wind and rain on mumbles front while im drinking a beer in the sun lads dont worry.

  • have a good one gareth and have a beer for me
    i will give it my all on the 5k son
  • Gareth watch out for the Ponderosa Steak Bar it's ruined many a person's p.b. - enjoy the break.

    Still no results for the Aberdare 5m - looks like I'll have to phone -I've downloaded the aerial photo though to: http://runninginwales.com/satnav.aspx it's 6.5 laps of that course.


  • Chris - just a reminder to send the forum link to Waxman (Tony Hollings - he'll know what I mean) - good to see Tony today wont be long before he's back in the fold - enjoyed the run out today - bit of a squeeze in 60m
  • Sent it last nightimage.
  • what are you up to on the weekend boys
  • working tomorrow,

    packing for holidays on sunday,decided not to race,too much to do

    still hoping to do swansea 5 k on tues.

    have a good race boys

  • Any one up for a 10/12 miler in the morning???
  • 10 miles done. any one for a 20 tomorrow?
  • i will let you know .its the 10k in aberdare or the 20m
  • the lad is back in the slow lane,but i will be ready to kick by jan 2009.so look out boy,s.
  • hi mr bomber nice to see your ok and fit no more beer for you see you soon out on the road son
  • Hi Barnsley Bomber, welcome aboard mate, how you feeling today? how long you staying down the van for? Take it easy mateimage.

  • Hi Bomber

    Have you kicked the Waxman yet? (I do appreciate this is not a Chess forum)

  • yes about 60/40 to him,but my game is getting better,on my site.

  • its all go
  • image   the bomber has been up 6a.m.& going 4 a mile run,take me about 10 mins.but give me six mon  & ill be doing 20 miles in 2hr 30.barry 40 her i come.
  • Well done the Bomber, but remember to take it easyimage.
  • just got back ran 2 mile in 21 min,a slug past me on the way backimage

  • take it easy bomber its a long road.image

    anyway aberdare 10k done kieran was 2nd  and i think me and jerome was in the top 10.and a new pb for me 37.57 it is a fast 10k

  • Well done FM, that's flying mateimage. the lads are all doing very well, keep it upimage.

    BB, great stuff mate, wont be long and you'll soon be racing again, just go easy on your self listen to your body,OK!!!image

    I only managed 18 today, drunk too much whiskey last nightimage. but it was a good 18 with plenty of hills and some good paceimage.

  • Was it go faster or fatter whisky?

    Go effort in Aberdare lads, wish I was there. 8 miles this afternoon on the dreaded running machine. Never mind, ten days to go and then 21-days of bliss.
  • Steve, are you back in work?

    It was evil whiskeyimagekept saying drink meimage.

  • Bomber is slug racing a national sport in Barnsley - never heard of it before - suggest starting slowly, try racing the one's carrying it's house on it's back before taking on the fast guys.

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