Port Talbot harriers



  • Is every one ready for tomorrow!!! hope every one runs well, good luckimage.
  • Think i am ready,cold is as good as gone,will start steady and see how it goes.The weather looks ok wind should be behind us from about 4 miles and then punching into it for the last 3.Good luck folks.

  • good luck boys see you tomorrow
  • weather's looking goodimage see you thereimage.
  • are we going to have pb today image

  • Dont jinx meimage.
  • had my weetabix!! pre race nerves are starting

    the weather looks great.

    see you and good luck

  • You guys were flying!!!I must admit i found that hard but am happy with 1.32

    well done boys

  • Hi mark, well done mate, good time.

    We all went well, we won the team event. I managed 1:23:29, very happy with that. Adrian had a great finish, but I did hide him from that wind all the wayimage.

    Well done boys great day out and had it paid forimage.

  • wow!!! fantastic time you boys are getting quicker and quicker.
  • Mark you wernt that far behind mate. I think its a case of having some one good to run with and just hang on.
  •   I reckon with more training i could be closer to you guys maybe 20 miles a week is not enough after all.I will try to up it for the teifi 10

  • Are you running the west glam next week at fairwood, or the Rhayader round the lacks 20 the following week?
  • no races for a couple of weeks,next one teifi 10
  • See you there Mark, hope the training goes well.
  • hi boys wots up

    if chris and ford man stopped trying 2 trip me up i would have finished in the top three

  • has anyone seen todays results,they told me they would be out this afternoon

    well done boys today, we all run well

    i believe we all need 2 set new targets,agree boys?

    also we got 2 hope that ford man gets  bigger and better blisters,agree chris 

  • hi all well done boys in 1/2 some good times and we won moneyimage
  • no running for me today BLISTERimage hopeing to go out for speedwork on tues
  • Hey where is everybody??  Its quiet out there,hope everyone is ok.No running since sunday but hoping to go out for a 5 miler tomorrow.Nice pic of you guys collecting your prize.See you soon.

  • hi mark i had no running on mon or tues .blister on my toe have you get any help for me on blisters

    but got in 6m today blister about 50/50 now i am not likeing this i am going to buy some new stability shoes

  •  Hi adrian,afraid no info on blisters,i think they can apear out of nowhere i had one last week start in work just through wearing old socks.Just take it easy for a few days ,I dont think it will affect your fitness. 
  • no running for me today bad toe i have been to the chiropodist today blisters have gone but my toe is not 100% hope i wil be ok for sunday
  • Still no running for me, I've still got man fluimage. Feel like sh1t.
  • Take it easy you two,you are both running so well a few days off will make no difference.You will be back  before you know it.
  • hi all  my toe is at about 80% now.going to do the west glam on sunday and we will see how we go .

    mark what r you doing

    chris still has man flu.come on walesimage

  • Morning, still got it I feel like carp. was hoping to do the west glam but will have to give it a missimage.

    FM, have a good run mate, and wish the lads and lasses good luck for me too.

  • hi adrian hope your race went well and your blister does not give you any problems.Chris  hope your better soon. I have only been out twice this week ,5 mile thursday and 7 today.Starting to look forward to the teifi 10 now will try and do a nine miler on thursday,am very busy in work this week,being self employed is a pain sometimes. 

    west glam today all good toe is ok 7m in all

    chris i was 1st in charles 2nd gareth 3rd kieran 4th look out for kevin taylor he had a good race

    charles was not happy he went homeimage

    come on port talbotimage

  • Well done mate, and well done the boys.

    how did the vets get off?

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