Port Talbot harriers



  • 3 vets was there today alan  ian  and john d. i think its div 2 for the vets  and div 1 for us

  • well done the fordman 2 day you,ve made my day

    yes im over the moon


  • Mr B, how you keeping mate. still no running for meimage. Nice to see the boy done wellimage
  • chris hope u get well soon

    we got some catching up 2 do

    i new the fordman would make me proud 2 day he,s running well

    all  the family passed our grades 2 day,image  well pleased

    see u all soon

  • Well done mateimage
  • barnes ok son well done on our grades today see you in work

    1ST  C.WALSH 20+20=40

    2ND A.WEAVER 18+19=37

    3RD K.MACINTOSH 19+17=36

    4TH N.BARNES 16+18=34

    5TH C.FULCHER 17+16=33

    6TH A.PERKINS 13+15=28

    7TH L.RICHARDS 10+14=24

    8TH R.JAMES 9+12=21

    9TH S.POWELL 15=15

    10TH G.AYRES 14=14   T.HOLLING 5+9=14    I SWANSON 6+8=14


  • FM, looks like they are the races for me to dropimage.
  • Evening all

    Look out I'm back. 6 miles last night, 12 miles speed work tonightimage.

    Hope your all well and your running is going well.

  • hi all not a bad day out side no rain but mr wind is out  going for a 10m run now toe is not 100% going to cardiff on thurs to have my feet seen to hopeing to be ok for the 20m on sat .nice to see your back chris .but of luck and i will be back soon
  • 10m in  look like i am going on sat
  • Just back from a hilly windy 10 mile. great funimage. I'm taking the car Saturday if your coming.
  • Good to see you guys are back in action,no running for me since sunday,too much work,but day off tomorrow so hopefully do 8 miler in mornin,then chill out for a few hours.Good luck  in Rhayader. 
  • 8 miles undulating.... 7.10 pace so fairly happy,then 4 mile walk on coastal path with with wifey followed by sausage egg bacon beans and chips!!!!!

  • Good running mark, and I like your idea of refuelingimage.

    10 miles in for me tonight. rest tomorrow, maybe some swimming.

    FM, BB, give me a ring to sort out Saturday.

  • chris i  have seen bb about sat 10am it is
  • good luck you guys tomorrow,weather looks ok,damp but mild and not too much wind.Have a good one.! 
  • hi mark  what you doing the weekend

  • Adrian, Nigel will pick you up at the brook at 10am and fetch you here.

    Thanks Mark. Hows your training going.

  • ok chris see you tomorrow its time for a cup of tea
  • Well done the lads. Great blow out for the belly boy at 13 miles, wouldn't want to be behind that oneimage. Apparently all the trees in a 3 mile radius have diedimage.

    Great day out boys, glad to have your companyimage.

  • well done the boys today

    sh*t or not to sh*t  that is the question .13 m in and belly boy blow out for a sh*t about 10 supporters had to go home image its was like port talbot works .

    NEWS IN   polution  is on the up in rhayader image one supporter said it was a man in the race nr 2 he had on .one min it was all good the next a man come from the woods he look like BIG FOOT

  • Big Wind more likeimage.
  • hi boys anyone looking for a plasterer or pepple dashing contact the belly boy,cheap rates for runners

    good run boys,

    fordman did u know me and chris won some cut glass,and no not for the best blower  

  • 7 m in today my LEGSimage
  • Well done mate. I never made it out afterimage.
  •  chris why was you not out

  • Worked late and felt like crap when I got in.
  • Well done you guys,pretty impressive times,you are well on the way to a good marathon time.Looking forward to sunday,but the weather looks cold and windy,roll on spring and some warm weather.Wifey has just passed me a fresh cream bun and a cuppa.yum yum.See you sunday.

  • hi mark how are you i am looking forword to sunday to 15m in today my legs are not to good now 1 or 2 day off i think. see you sunday
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