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  • HI adrian

    all ok here,training fairly steady,still only 20 to 25 miles a week but hoping to get under 70 minutes on sunday.definately have a few days rest it will do no harm and you will be back nice and fresh.see you sunday.

  • Evening lads,

    Hope your all well. 10 miles in for me tonight, legs are still soreimage. And I nearly got run over by a ******** who reversed on to the pavement and said it was my fault for running and wearing black, it was day timeimage.

  • was he or she fatimage

  • Thats the worse bit of running afternoon and evenings ,too many chavs and too many people in cars in a rush to go home.Sunday mornings are heaven to run unless theres a race on.What time are looking for on sunday?
  • hi mark i had 64 mins in the rev 10 6weeks ago  i think i am looking for 62-63 mins i did 2hr 18min for the 20m on sat it had the hill od all hills in it
  • They were three big ladsimage At one point I was rather scared, more like s**** myself. but when I asked for their Insurance details to take it further they drove ofimage.
  • My best 10 miler was 62 mins when carmarthen did a 10 miler on easter sunday,but that was 20 odd years ago, i think them days are over now!!.I reckon i could get it down to 66 mins if i set my mind to it but not this sunday.
  • Mark, any thing is possible mateimage
  • hi all  not long now for the big ONEimage
  • just teaching my eldest to cook paella,served with crusty bread and acouple of glasses of red!!,a good pre race meal!!! ,Not looking forward to the cold,hope the wind dies down a bit. See you tomorrow,snow permitting. 
  • Hi Mark, not to much wineimage. Have a good race tomorrow mate, see you there.
  • Hi Chris

    Glass no 3 but cork now firmly in bottle,will sleep like a baby hopefully!!

  • Hope you don't sleep like a baby Mark, mine used to wake three times a night for a bottle and with s****** nappiesimage.
  • Yes went through several years of that,now we go to bed before they do !!!,
  • Yes! same here mate lol.
  • food food we what more foodimage i will be up at 5am with my boy hes 2.1/2years old he aimage
  • Mornin its not looking too good out there,the wind seems to have picked up again and its chucking it down.I am not looking forward to this at all.There must be better things to do on a sunday.This is one easter egg that will be well earned.
  • Good news just saw some blue sky,i think it may be getting better!!
  • Keep looking Mark, there has to be some good weather there some whereimage. Not feeling too good myself. Bring me sunshine!!!!!!!!
  • The rain has stopped ,its getting brighter but the wind is still strong.,but by midday it could be a whole lot better.How many of you guys are going ,you may take the team prize again.
  • Its a club champs race so there will be a good few of the club there, and it brings the cream of the club out. We won the bronze welsh medal last year but Neath are supposed to be taking a good team this year and Sarn Helen always have a good team.

  • Hi mark, where did you go? you mist your moment of glory!!! well done mate on winning two medals, you are the hero of the day. Great run great time.

    We won the bronze team event, so a good day for allimage. well done boys keep up the good workimage.

    Sorry about Charles not finishing, hope he is OK.

  • Hi Chris

    yes i just heard the news from the boss man at trotts.I was really pleased with my time and even more chuffed now!! Well done on the team bronze,

    See you soon guys

  • forgot to say the results are up on the onlineraceresults.co.uk website
  • Mark, I will have to train with you mate, if you can drink wine all night and still win all that bling, well done mate and keep it upimage.
  • Thanks Chris

    You would not like my training,i am very lazy but it seems to work.It was nice to know you boys were only a couple of minutes in front today .I think i may finish off that bottle of red later too!!

    Day off tomorrow and watching the Carmarthen 5 k,it will be nice to watch others suffering!

  • Mark I'm having a few beers my self mate, you enjoy your wine, you earned it, and your day off.
  • well done mark two medalsimage days

    NEWS IN             SIS are out in lampeter looking for a running man in green. the SIS said we think he runs for port talbot.

    p.s  its a £60 fine for littering charles. number numberimage

    club race number 3 done well done all

  • FM, how are the legs mate? Well done on another great race, your flyingimage.
  • legs not to bad chris for now but monday is a new day .image
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