Port Talbot harriers



  • Adrian what time are you going tomorrow? If I'm up I will come with you. Phone me If I answer I'm up If I dont I'm not ok.
  • Have you gone yet??????????? give me a ring, if not i'm going about 9am ish.
  •                                PORT TALBOT HARRIERS CLUB LEAGUE 3 RACES

    1ST      ADRIAN WEAVER 18+19+18=55

    2ND     KIERAN MACINTOSH 19+17+17=53

    3RD     NIGEL BARNES 16+18+16=50

    4TH     CHRIS FULCHER 17+16+15=48

    5TH     ALAN PERKINS 13+15+14=42

    6TH    CHARLES WALSH 20+20+DNF=40

    7TH    STEVEN DAVIES 11+14+13=38

    8TH    RAY JAMES 9+12+11=32

    9TH   TONY HALLING 5+9+10=24

    10TH  IAN SWANSON 6+8+9=23

                                THE TOP 10  NEXT RACE 4 WEST/AVE   MILE    8/05/2008 6.30PM

  • Did you have to put the DNF in, your heartlessimage.
  • FM, just under 16 miles in total tonight. Some quality speed work tonight mateimage.

    Mark how's the legs, hope your OK and didn't get too drunk celebrating after your wins on Sunday.

  • legs what legs 16m 2 speed workouts i have no legsimage
  • Wimpimage your not trying hard enoughimage
  • 8m in today easy going back to work now 2.15 to 10.30 image
  • hi chris and adrian.

    Legs were aching a bit on monday,but not the head funnily enough.No wine last nite and first run tonite since sunday.5 miles speedwork,pretty feeble effort compared to you guys!!!Felt good though except feet aching so put them in a bucket of icy water after and they feel good now.Had some funny looks off my kids though,May have a glass tonite because my eldest passed his driving test on his third attempt!!

    my next race is a 10 k in fishguard a week sunday.

    Keep up the good work boys.

  • hi mark

    no raceing this weekend for me i am going for a 3hr run on sat  and than out for the darts

  • hi all

    up at 5.30am today and out for a 3hr run about 23m i think all good and the sun WAS out its gone now its raining

  • Well done adrian,thats pretty impressive!Dont over do it in the last few weeks,take it easy tomorrow or have a day off    8 or 9 miles for me tomorrow and some more speed work next week for the 10 k next weekend.Bought a wobble board yesterday to try and strenghten my ankles,do not want any injuries now.all the summer races are starting..

    Hoe you feeling better Chris,have a few days rest it could make all the difference.

    See you all soon.

  • Afternoon all

     Hope every one is well. Did my last long run today, did the windmill run 24 miles with some BIG hills. Took my 3:30 nice and slowimage. Nice taper for two weeks nowimage.

  • Good running Chris you are obviously feeling better,it must be a nice feeling to get the last long run over.You can relax a bit now untill the big day.Have  a glass of red on me!!
  • Thanks mark, but I'm off the beer until Londonimage. must be strong willed. Chest is still bad but I've had antibiotics from the quack,just hope they clear it up in time.

    Hows your running going? didn't you race this weekend?

  • no races this weekend,but a 10 k next weekend down west so i hope to do that.Did a fairly quick 7 miler this morning so feeling confident for a good time,A glass or two of red tonite and then on the wagon for till the weekend.
  • Have a glass for me mateimage. what's your best 10k time?
  • hi boys just a lazy 23 miles 4 me yesterday 8.07 min mile we need 2 be at least 1.20 seconds faster what do u think boys, day off 2 day, hill speed work tomorrow 
  • hi all 8m in today +some speedwork done .doing speedwork on tues with the club its was 16m last week
  • Well done mate. Night off for me legs are a bit stiff from yesterday, and I am taperingimage.

    Hoping to do a few laps at mara pace tomorrow, see how it goes.

  • What you so happy about?

    Thanks for the training tonight mateimage much better with some one. Legs are stiff now though.

  • always happy me

    my legs are ok 10m on weds and club run on thurs 15m on fri day off sat and cardiff on sunday.

    for a 5k races .take it easy son not long to go now and than 3hrs or under 3.12 will doimage

  • i think you will be ok for 3.11easyimage
  • I'll give it my best shotimage

    barnes is not looking to good.no running now son nice and easy

  • BBB, are you OK? what have you done. Rest if your not right mate, I need you to get me around Londonimage.
  • 12m in todayimage 5k race on sunday in the snow
  • Belly Boy, are you out there? Give me a bell.

    FM Have a good race tomorrow mate.

    Mark same to you mate hope you have a good race.

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