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  • cardiff 5k done   new pb 18.12image more to come 6th in the race
  • well done adrian,the times keep coming down!!

    Did the 10 k down west 40.14 and first vet 50 so quite chuffed.

    Tough route first 4 k uphill then once we leveled off we were punching into the wind,not nice.

    Mr Perkins was dangerously close behind me ,only 20 seconds,he went off a bit quickly on the hills and paid later on.Carl from your club finished third overall.

    See you soon guys

  • well done mark your geting good at this .you done well to see off mr perkins
  • Well done mark, great run. you seem to be going from strength to strength. Any tips for me for London next week!. Keep up the good work mateimage.

    FM, well done this morning mate, all that training your doing with me is paying offimage. Have you heard from the belly boy???

  • Thanks guys,you dont need any tips for London Chris on your recent results you will have a great race.I will be watching closely for you on TV.Good luck.
  • on the beer sundayimage 6m in today not to goodimage and work at 2pm
  • Any news on the Belly Boy???

    FM hope the hangover is betterimage.

  • 10m in today nice to see the sunimage

    belly boy is ok but not 100%

  • fordman well done on the PB. I did clap but then wandered off to berate the timekeepers for standing infront of the finish clock!
  • thanks TT.

    i was looking to see my time on the clock .timekeepers i will have you i said i will have you.

    TT whats nexts up for you

  • Next for me is........15 TT on wesnesday.

    1st comp is llanelli sprint tri. Need to sort my head out and do a 5k. I just feel "heavy" at the moment so hitting 7 min miles is hard. So pulling my finger out and getting a 20min 5k is looking distance at the mo.

  • Hi TT, where you racing tomorrow?
  • 12m on the hills today new pb on the run 1.24.24 was 1.27.50image 
  • Chris

    Its R15/2

  • Good luck TT, that's my favorite course, especially if there is a tail wind back up the duelimage.

    good running FM. keep up the good workimage. How is the Belly Boy? ask him to give me a bell.

  • chris good luck for sunday son i will give you a bell
  • Thanks mateimage, hope your weekend runs go ok.
  • 24m in today 3hr 2weeks to go now no more long runsimage

  • Hi lads, any running going on????? My legs are still a bit stiff from the marathonimage.
  • done speedwork on tues and a 8m run today .are you doing the club run on thurs chris
  • Hi FM, hope to be doing the run Thursday, will run down to meet the club and see how I feel. Been out tonight for 4 miles legs feel like leadimage. did you get the pace band? I have more here for you if you want some.
  • i had the pace band the 3hr one image i think 3.15 3.20 will do for my 1st 26.2m  see you on thurs

    i have done your 5k times and nb

  • will fetch you some slower ones tomorrow. but you don't need themimage. Sub 3 and your in for London next yearimage, no pressure thoughimage.
  • good run today 7 m in all . chris your legs are ok than

    chrisyour 5 k times

    20.59 5k

    21.04 5 -10k

    21.55 10-15k

    21.29 15-20k

    21.43 20-25k

    22.15 25-30k

    22.41 30-35k

    23.43 35-40k

    and 10.10 for 2k at the end   3.04.23  well done

  • Port Talbot Harriers, Welsh Marathon Champs bronze medal winners. Well done the ladsimage
  • Congratulations Chris,you guys have worked hard for it.When is your next race?
  • Hi Mark

    How are you mate? hope the training is going well. My next race is Sarn Helen 16 mile hill race.  Are you giving it a go, its on 18th May.

    FM, hows the head after Swansea?

    Belly Boy, I've done a disk for youimage

  • head ok i was out at 11.30am come home at 2amimage14 1/2 hr of beer.

    1 week to go now

  • hi guys,not a bad morning,did 8 miles fairly hilly,felt pretty good.My next race is the sarn helen 4 miler on bank holiday monday,2weeks tomorrow.I dont think i will be doing their 16 miler,i have got a really good excuse,its my birthday on the 18th.!!I have been asked to do a leg of the castles relay race in june so looking forward to that,never done it before.

    good luck next week adrian.

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