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  • FM, that's Marathon drinking sorted thenimage. Hope your taking it easy this week.

    Mark, what race is the 4 miler, haven't heard of that one. Good luck on the castles race, fancy a go of that myself. Does any one know anything about the Pentyrch hill race that Alex has posted on the other thread? I fancy a go of it for training for the 16mile hill race.

  • Hi Chris,the four miler is one of the sarn helen championship races at a village called Cwrtnewydd about 20 ish miles north of carmarthen.Its on their website.Starts on a hill and finishes on a long steep hill.I think sarn helen people like hills!!They had about 70 entries last year.Nice atmosphere and lots of tea and cakes in the village school afterwards.
  • chris i give you a ring now
  • hi mark whats up lot of races comeing up image days see you soon
  • 6 easy mil in today  speedwork on tues and one more run on weds
  • speedwork done one more run to go and 3 days offimage
  • Hi guys sorry to intrude, do you still run on Tues and Thurs nights? I am coming back from injury wondered if I would be too slow for you?
  • Hi Miss PW, yes we are still there on Tues and Thurs, We have all abilities there and I'm sure we can accommodate youimage. Try and come along tonight to Panasonic to see how you get on, we will be doing speed work. we meet at 6 pm. I'm the one with the dog.

  • I have never done speed work before eek

     I finish work at 6 can i still make it?

  • Sorry you never made it tonight MPW, we meet on Thursday at 6:15 on western ave opposite the school, by the track. we do a loop of Port Talbot about 6 miles. hope to see you there.
  • FM, how you feeling mate? are you ready for it. Lots of rest and eat healthy, plenty of carbs, no pastiesimage. Don't forget your lucky pantsimage.
  • miss pw  come and have a go

    chris no pasties for 2 days and a add lots of carbs.

    lucky pants i nowimage

  • its all over 7m today 3days off now and up up and awayimage
  • Good luck mate, how you feeling?
  • feeling good  whats up r you raceing the weekend
  • i didn't forget you guys I am aiming for next week 6 miles is quite long for me at mo most I done since injury is 4 miles. Will come and have a gander at your speed work bit though. Where do you exactly meet for that?
  • Hi MPW, we meet at the old Panasonic factory in Baglan. Do you know where that is? there is a big green electric box on the corner. this is where we meet Moor road.  Are you from Port Talbot?
  • Yeah i don't live far from there at all but work a bit further out will prob drive down and meet you all next tues after work be around 6.15
  • Adrian, I'll give you a bell tomorrow. Good luck mate, have a great race, enjoyimage.
  • MPW, Some of us will be racing on Tuesday at Pentyrch hill race but there will still be some of the gang down there, I have told Alan Perkins to look out for you so Still go and have a look, you will be made welcomeimage.
  • Chris can u let Alan know I wont be there, I have suffered some pain from beach run last night waiting to see sports therapist. Will deff be down soon promise image
  • No problem MPW, we will be there when your ready. Take it easy and get well soon.
  • 7m in today  .legs r not to good .hills on tuesday imagerrrr

    chris see you at 5.50pm on thurs hope my legs will be ok

  • 8 mile in with tony tonight. Legs are very good surprisinglyimage.

    Mark how are you mate? haven't heard from you for a while.

  • I am still here! Posted you on the swansea thread earlier but you must have missed it.

    Congrats for last nite,you will be  getting as many trophies as me soonimage

    are you running the sarn helen 4 miler on monday?the weather looks good for it.

    how did you do on sunday adrian,saw  a pic of you on the photos page,you looked pretty good.

  • Hi Mark, yes sorry I did miss the post on the other thread. Don't think I will make the 4 mile race on Monday, must spend some time with the family.

    Last night was a great race and nice to have a prize out of it, it was a tankard, a nice change to the normal trophy.

    Have you run the Whitford point race in the Gower? run by Swansea harriers.

  • Never done the whitford one,is it run in the evening?I find it harder to race in the evenings sometimes,especially after work.The swansea 5 k is always worth the effort though.

    Family comes first Chris.its easier for me now as the boys are virtually grown up,so me and missus can go on our own if we wish.

  • Yes its on Wednesday the 14th may 7:30 pm.
  • mark i had to pull outimage not to good
  • sorry to hear that mate,you worked so hard for that race.

    you will do a mega time later on in the year i am sure.

    when is you next race?

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