Cardiff Blackweir Time Trial (CBTT)

Saturday 16th February sees the first of the CBTT events.

Having run a pilot run in January this is the first of the proper events and will be held every Saturday thereafter. They will start at 9.00am on the Taff Trail along side Tesco Extra - Western Ave, run down in to Bute Park, do a loop and then run back to Tesco.

Runners/Joggers of all ages and abilities are welcomed, you will need to register by noon on the Friday before you intend to run.

To Register or for further details go to



  • Looking forward to the first of the regular time trials on the 16th, but how flexible can you be with the route?

    Just a little worried about the council's plans off the area just off North Road where work has already started (without full planning permission) to put a new access road and bridge into the park. This is on the far side of the course between the 2-3k mark. 

  • Looking forward to it.
  • This really is a great idea - the kids can enjoy the Saturday morning Tescos experience whilst I go for my run.  Well done Phil C for organising !!!    

    Love Monkey - when are the hooligans at CCC going to start hacking up the park ??

  • CCC already done a lot of preliminary work assuming they are going to get the go ahead.

    New double lane bridge across into the park and new access roads to fields for 'events'.

    And there's me thinking the park should be a nice green open space rather than an 'events' venue image

  • Hi all

     I've just registered for this & will hopefully be there on 16th!  Never done anything like this before, have only been running on my own since December altho I am in training for a half marathon at Silverstone in march with other people from my gym

    Do I just turn up & be ready to run?  I'll be coming on my own so will there be somewhere to put my car keys etc or do I need to carry them with me.....

     Thanks for any advice & hopefully see you there image

  • Hi SW22

    Now that you've registered you just turn up ready for a 9.00am start. There will be someone at the start/finish who will look after your keys. There should also be a few of the boys there who have run Silverstone the last 2 years, so may be able to give you a bit of info.

  • thats great, thanks!

     see you there!

  • Well it's less than a week to go now - nerves starting to kick in!! There seems to be a bit of interest between here, Fetch Everyone and talking to people, just got to keep the fingers crossed that all goes well.
  • Thanks to everyone who turned up this morning whether you were taking part or helping out.

    I hope you enjoyed your run. Any feedback would be appreciated. 

  • It was a great morning. A lovely venue and friendly crowd.


  • What a fab time I had!  Felt a bit daunted at the start - lots of long legged athletic bods image . Chat friendly, marshalls and fellow runners encouraging, and *brilliantly* organised.  I was well and truly at the back of the pack, but chuffed to bits with my time and still buzzing from those endorphins.  Will be back!

  • I'll mark the thread and lurk for a bit... 24:30 for a last finisher still sounds a bit too scary for me...
  • Nam,

    All are welcome no matter what time you run.

    All are friendly and encouraging and most "long legged athletic bods" used to be towards the end of the field so come along. No excuses, it's free and friendly.

  • Ah, LM, you've given me hope that praps one day I'll be long legged image

    C'mon Nam, I *know* you'll be faster than me.  I was really encouraged today, cos first impressions I felt a bit out of place, but realised that I wasn't - it's not a traditional race, purely racing against yourself.  And I've noticed that at other  more established time trial venues there's a much bigger spread of ability, so as the event grows, so will its appeal to a wider spectrum of participants. 

  • Go for it NAM - and please take as long as you like !!  

    V.important for those marshalls who don't want to get home too quickly (DIY and other horrors lie in wait..)

  • I went just to have a look this week as my ankle was dodgy but will hopefully be running next week.... im definetly gonna be last so at least you will beat me if ur there nam!!  im estimating half hour at best image
  • I've already got plans for next week but maybe the saturday after... image  I injured last autumn and put on a stone and now breaking in new orthotics...  I'll probably be at least 35 minutes... image  Will give it a shot though...  image
  • Hi Nam,

    I was there taking pics I was looking out for you and TT as i thought you may be there.  It is a great event I think you would love it (I was last at Afan Tri (I met you there in case you don`t remember me i was the one who was LAST and had chips afterwards LOL)).

    SouthWales22 - Did you manage your Sunday run? (I am presuming you are the lady I was talking to after the runners had shot off and we waiting for their return,


  • I was in..............................BED!

    Sorry chaps I could not escape the duvet. Went for a run later.

    Next week I will attend.

  • Croups Runner - I did it and thought it was great!  Well done all!
  • rodiogirl - are you going to put a link up to the pics?
  • rodiogirl - yep that was me! managed 11.5 miles on sunday but am paying for it today!    resting until thursday & will hopefully be running this saturday... thanks for asking x

     very well organised, i am looking forward to taking part image

  • Well done South Wales22daz, here is a link to piccies

    Hope it works o.k.

    If you would like a higher res pic just email CBTT or you can email direct and I will email it to you.( I will need the pic number)


  • Blimey RG how are you???  Not seen you since Afan.  image  >>waves<<  image
  • Of course I remember you!!! image  I was looking out for you but not seen you on any other threads.  It's nice to see you.  Just started running again beginning of January...  am just at the point where I can cruise 5k without having to walk, but not got the confidence to race yet, but may come to watch and maybe try one in March. 
  • Great pics RG, thanks image
  • PQ - your welcome. Glad you like them.

     Nam - I havn`t done anything since Afan but am planning on doing it again this year. Someone has to be last heh heh. I am not sure when I will be down for CBTT again but will let you know when I am. You would love it and the beauty of the TT`s are you are competing against yourself.

    The Bushey Park TT has people running round with their dogs and pushing buggies (Not sure if that would work at CBTT though as the course is narrower) They are fun though (especially when taking pics and not running LOL)


    p.s. Forgot to say, another good thing about CBTT is the yummy brekkie from Tescos for a reasonable price heh heh

  • Sarah, why not join us for North West Tri in September??  Bunch of numpties doing it.  Camping also.  Be a laugh!! image  link to thread
  • Yep Rodiogirl - great pics, thanx.

    Agree, we were straight in Tescos afterwards for a lovely brekkie!  I earned it, that's my argument lol.

  • daz are you on one of the pics so i can put a face to a name?

     Nam - I will have a look in my diary but I know hubby is doing IMUK this year so camping twice in one month might be a bit much. I have never camped before!!!!


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