Cardiff Blackweir Time Trial (CBTT)



  • LOL!

    What time is "kick off"?

  • I always read JEDI instead of JFDI.... image
  • Same as it is every week !

  • Well, we managed to find that window in the weather again, having checked the hourly forecast on Friday night it said that we would be dry until 10.00am but that there would be strong Southerly winds (29 mph), and thankfully they got it mainly right. The one aspect of the weather that didn’t come to fruition was the wind, although it wasn’t calm.

    Numbers were back up again this week and there were 18 PB’s recorded, we also had 25 first timers.

    Apologies for the few blips we had with the results, but I think that we’ve got these sorted out now.

  • Thanks for putting on this event. We both had a lovely run and will certainly be back in the future to have another go at it.  Reflects great  credit on Les Croupiers.
  • Hi all,

    Glad to hear everything is going well. Hope to be able to join you again so. Friday was the worst day for us (Nr: London) this weekend. Glad weather held for you,


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