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Since we have moved house I am now walking about 3.5miles a day to and from the station (which means a weekly mileage of over 15miles).  I have rapidly abandoned my work shoes for covering this distance as they are too uncomfortable and I am currently using my running trainers.  For running I use Asic Kayanos with orthotics, but am finding that when I use them for walking my ITB and hips are really tightening up.  Does anyone have any reccomendations with regard to trainers that are good for walking in?  I am also concerned that by using my trainers for walking in I will start to stretch and wear them in the wrong places so that when I run in them they won't give me the right support.  Or am I just being a little paranoid?! 

All advice will be much appreciated, Thanks!


  • You could always buy some walking boots? Bonus is that they're waterproof too.

    If that's not an option, there are walking shoes you can buy, or just buy a sturdy pair of boots/shoes (such as caterpillar or similar).

  • But would they give me the support that I need...? I guess what I am wondering is whether I should have a gait analysis or at least someone watch me walking as I can't afford to injure myself walking and therefore not being able to run!!

     Also sadly walking boots tend not to go with my work clothes!!!

  • And your trainers do go with your work clothes?

    Not being funny, but you're not walking THAT far, and unless you're hiking up a mountain, sturdy shoes/boots will give you all the support you need. The aches are more likely just down to the change in exercise. Try stretching when you finish you're walk - you stretch after running I assume, so why not after walking?

  • Also sadly walking boots tend not to go with my work clothes!!!

    and trainers do???

    most quality walking boots will give you better support so I'd be tempted to go with them and keep some shoes at the office
  • Actually, one of my pet hates is people wearing trainers with their work clothes... but I have had to change that view now I have had to join them!?!?  And no, nothing goes with my work clothes, even my work shoes!!!!

  • I think Reebok still make specialist walking shoes - they look quite different from running shoes.

    They are quite supportive but cushioned too - not like hiking boots.

  • Thank you!  Have looked those up and found they seem to only be available in the states, but I have found that New Balance are lauching a walking trainer in March (NB 859) so I no longer feel like I am going completly mad thinking that I need something different to my running trainers for walking!!
  • I think Brooks do a walking version of their Addiction trainer ... I know the running version is motion control but can't say anything about the walker ... maybe worth checking out?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    If you google "approach shoes" you will get quite a few walking shoes which are more like trainers, such as:

  • where does the phras 'approach shoes' come from?!?!  Thanks guys now all I need to do is find a shop in this country that sells them so I can try them on!!
  • you got there before me Nessie - I was starting to think that apporach shoes maybe a better idea than boots and they do look a bit more street/office savvy than either boots or trainers......

    Merrell do some excellent ones
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Well, you have climbing boots for climbing and hillwalking boots for walking up hills, so (apparently) you need approach shoes for the bit between the car and the hill.

    i.e. i'ts just another way to get us to part with money for something that we don't really need...... image

    Millets and other outdoors shops sell them.

  • Hi

    New Balance make Walk the Walk trainers for the Playtex Moonwalk. They offer good support for walking ; cant remember exactly why you'll have to read al the blurb!

    I have 2 pairs ( doing the half moon in May) and bought one pair from Ebay and have found them very comfy and supportive  for walking on roads/paths etc although wouldnt like to run in them.

    They are the white ones with pink trims and laces, sorry cant remember the number.


  • New Balance do specialist fitness walking shoes - they have a lover heel profile than running shoes to accomodate walking gait

    walking boots or approch /trail type shoes are thought to be a bit cumbersome for fiaster fitness type walking - unless you look at something in the Raid type range

  • New Balance do a big range of walking shoes actually - not sure about stockists but you could contact them direct
  • im bot sure the frees are that great tbh - ive Found NB to be really good for walking
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