runners knee- i think??

 hi all!

 think ive got the start of runners knee- stiff and aching pain just below which increases to a very sharp pain if i bend my knee too far. ran 3 miles yesterday after a few days rest and it just started aching a bit. have read that this can progress to the point you have to stop running if allowed to get worse. a few questions- should i consult gp now to get a proper diagnosis? if not, should i wear  a support or not- the type to keep your knee central? were can i find exercises or stretches to strengthen muscle groups? also read that leg extensions are a no no?? apparantly high heels can also make it worse??

any advice?


  • Hi image I recommend going to see a gp as soon as poss to find out whats wrong then you will know exactly what to do to get it better and avoid making it worse.

    Don't carry on through any pain as knees are a nightmare, speaking from experience, mine just won't get better!!

    Don't do leg extension machine at the gym.

    Get some good supportive shoes, or insoles, I've just got green superfeet for only £35 and find them good.

    Heres a good website that has lots of useful info and exercises etc for knees

     Good luck!

  •  Just checked out website- thank you. I will make an appoinment with my GP asap too, suppose its silly of me to try and guess whats wrong.

     I was told i was a neutral runner when I first got my shoes so mine arent motion control. Thought overpronation could make knees worse- would you get a second opinion on the shoes ive got? Got them from a nationwide running shop that see you run on the treadmill before i bought them so thought they were ok....

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