Max Heart Rate Measurement

What's the best way to get to my max heart rate please?

I know the formula  220-age = MHR    220-34 = 186

My polar RS200SD HRM gives me an estimated  MHR of 174.

But when I'm running, usually 5km my heart rate can reach 182 and has when I'm pushing it reached 189.  Give that I seem to be doing work for 30mins in the 90%+ zone it seems likely my maxHR is higher than suggested (else I would keel over I guess!)

 What's the best way to get to my MaxHR then - is it just to shove myself on a rowing machine and just attack 1000m till I can give no more?  A treadmill would risk me flying off the back.  How long does it take to get to MHR?

 Be grateful for any help.


  • Gavin,

    Take the rule as 220 - your age as ok.= but there are other criterias to consider

     Be careful with your running as if you go over your MHR  over a 5 k distance, you need to take it a bit easier maybe.

     How long have you been running for?

  • Thanks guys - I won't go crazy honest.

     I've been running for 4 months now.  I have managed to shed 3 stone and reckon another 2-3 to get to my 'fighting weight'.  I usually run 5k but have done up to 10k and usually these are at 10kph.  The issue is that I want to push on the fitness side of things now that I'm getting to a reasonable weight.  The thing is I seem to have a high heart rate when I'm working, at the fat burning rate of 60-70% doesn't feel like I'm tiring out, so then I push on and the heart starts working - it's just I seem to have an average of about 85-95% which puts me firmly in the anaerobic zone but yet I still do 30 minutes.  I don't want to hurt myself and I'm certainly not pushing the limits, just the average rate seems too high.  I'm rambling now  image

     I would hope over time that I will get fitter and the rates will drop for the same level of performance.

  • Well - went to Preston Harriers running club tonight.

    The exercise was to run for 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 3 minutes with 1'20" recovery between each set - total running time 24 mins of 30.

    Max heart rate achieved 192, average 174. Still a little off max I think but not a great deal. Max 14.0kph, 5.6km. Resting heart 53 earlier on.

    I'll monitor it over time and see how it goes. Not worried just interested.

  • Age 47, MHR 210 ish, everyone is different. The formulas just dont seem to make sense.
  • Mine is also higher than average

    Age 43   MHR 220ish

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