Abingdon Marathon


what with this and beachy, I am going to EXPLODE with excitement

boingy boing



  • Ooooh - think this week could be an expensive one for race entriesimage
  • ooooh hope Im injury free
  • Aaaaarrrrrr now.......hhhhhmmmmm.........Amsterdam the same day.
  • Hmmmm
  • I must admit , I fort there would have been more interest
  • Don't worry Hippo, Im sure it'll pick up tomorrow.
  • I've just entered...
  • LOL................. I haven't seen Hippo this orgasmic since the Beachy Head thread opened last year image
  • I know, its all a bit too much-------------------
  • PSC - Are you doing this race?
  • PSC.....you should have seen Hipps after BEachy Head....in the pub......with me sat next to her..... image and a vibrating floor!
  • I've just entered but can't find any details on their website.  Hope the "new" route is flat
  • Nick

    Leave it out!


    (no tales on tour)


  • I'm In just signed up
  • Hipps - what goes on the road...stays on the road.
  • Good Morning all, hope there's room for a new person here....I have just had my confirmation of my place for this one!

    I have had a mail from the race organiser (as I have pestered and pestered abinngdon amblers about when entries will be released) they have said:

    "slightly different course this year, mainly flat with the start and finish at Tilsley Park Athletics Track.  It passes through the town, along the Thames and follows a scenic two lap route through villages"


    After running London mara x 2 and New York mara x 1all with promise of good finishing times - the volume of runners just became too much for me as much as I loved them all......it was like running in a sardine tin last year (for me anyway)!!


  • welcome to the madhouse Sarah


    Nick-thank gawwwwwwwwwd for that!

  • I've entered.  I hope i don't jinx it again this year.

    I've marshalled it 3 times but have never run it.  Also it'll be the first time i've run 2 M's in the same year.

  • Could be could be.

    Just binned any thoughts of FLM this year (a double whammy of stress fractures!!!) so this could well be on, but did harbour some thoughts on Amsterdam, so looks I'll do a marathon that day somewhere beginning with A.
  • October is further than my planning stretches , but a definite possibility.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    I'll be entering even though it's only 6 days before Snowdodonia. (Sorry, I'm in the two-marathons-in-one-week loony category.) This event has always been superbly well organised in the past (except for dangerous road crossings in the town centre gyratory system).  You can't beat a finish round one lap of a running track.
  • thats just loony


    you shouldnt be doing stuff like that

  • Go on OO, you know you want to image

    I'm in. Hopefully 3rd time lucky after last year's cancellation and a stress fracture the year before!
  • Been running a year and have done 6 or so halfs, 2-3 10m and 20+ 10k, would Abingdon make a good first full marathon?  
  • Abingdon is an excellent marathon full stop, whether you be an old hand or a newby. It tends to sell out a few months in advance, which tells its own story.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    Add another to the list!

    A bit bemused by the cost... online entries apparently 27 quid, but ended up being 30!

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