Nike Tailwind SDM

Anyone got one or no anything about the Nike Trailwind SDM? It seem to be like the Triax watch but without the, er, watch. Just a unit you clip to your shoe that has a digital readout.

Because there is no watch, they are much cheaper than the Triax. Also, I could use it with my HRM. Are they available in the UK?



  • Yes you could use it with your HRM, but its quite impracitical getting the data you want off the unit compared to the watch, so I've heard.
    Its not available in the UK yet, to my knowledge, no.
    Pricewise, your best off going to and comparing the SDM100 & tailwinds prices in $'s. UK Nike prices normally follow similar trends i.e. if the Tailwind costs 75% of the US SDM price, then the UK unit'll go for about £150.
  • The SDM Tailwind is £130 and mine works OK so far. It is good if you want to monitor your runs AFTER you have run them (you know, recording the data in your logbook). But on a run you cannot stop all the time to read the little screen (especially on those early moring/late evening dark runs!).

    I wear a HRM too and use the two to monitor my runs and performance.
  • Check out the latest issue of RW, we tested the Tailwind, the Triax SDM and the Timex.
  • Rob,

    I read the RW artice on Timex SDM but it was a bit sparse in terms of the terrain and conditions used in the test.

    Was it a a flat track type test or was it road tested with several hills etc?

    You may remember the debate on other threads as to whether the Timex SDM takes into acount vertical contours/data when calculating speed distance.

    Some guy from Timex said it did, but wanted to know if the RW test took this into account when it gave the Timex SDM high accuracy rating.

  • Stu92Stu92 ✭✭✭
    The Tailwind is available at : for £140, but I think URWFRC members get a 10% discount.
  • The Tailwind is available in the US at for $124.99 (reasonable exchange at the moment = £81 + delivery and if your are unlucky VAT at UK entry). I managed to place the order for delivery to a business colleague and collected it when I went over. only allow delivery to the US and use of an American bank issued card - I think they are keen to maintain their excessive European margins!

    Nike are ripping us off - there is no way it should be cheaper to import a unit from the US than buying in the UK.

    Maybe Runners World should run an article on cheap places to buy kit but maybe it would upset the advertisers.
  • I agree that we are totally ripped off over here - not just on Nike stuff, but for just about everything.

    In Japan (supposedly one of the more expensive places to shop), I was surprised to find that prices for Nike stuff was comparable to the USA for clothing and only a little more for footwear.

    I bought some running clothes out there (sphere tee, Dri-FIT tee) and reckon I saved about £15 on just those 2 items over the UK prices! I also have a Clima-FIT Asia-only jacket on the way via my girlfriend and it was about £20 cheaper than a similar one here.

  • Belated answer to to Karaoke Pacer! We tested both the Nike and Timex sdms on a couple of of our favourite routes. The first, nice and flat around Hyde Park the second a hilly jaunt up, and down both Primrose and Parliament Hills, so they do work accurately on varied terrain.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Soft Southerner - where did you buy yours from? £130 is pretty much what it was priced at in RW.
  • Buy Ron Hill clothing, I find it is just as good as Nike etc, but it is usually around 30% cheaper for the same spec. It's a UK company aswell.
  • Minkin

    I got my SDM Tailwind at Niketown London when they first came out (first day I think). It was £130.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Thanks Soft Southerner - I'm thinking of blagging one out of my partner for Christmas (only fair as I'm buying him a Game Cube!)
  • Rob
    belated thanks for the answer to my question.

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