Paula Radcliffe

My local freebie newspaper  (Northampton Mercury and Citizen) reported that in a pancake race in Olney (not far from Paula's old club), the winner completed the 400metres, complete in headscarf, apron, (good disguise!) and carrying a frying pan with a pancake in it, in..............wait for it...........69 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!

Who else could it be????????


  • Mrs Merton??
  • .......on speed?
  • Paula does her 400m reps in about 65 seconds at least so doubt she'd enter a 400m race when she can do 20 reps in a single session??

    She looks less skinny in real life too..but a helluva lot more muscular.

  • marklboro

    you wasn't her after all with headscarf, pinny and carrying a frying pan in Olney?

    well i'm gutted.

  • Doubt it very much! she's bound to be abroad!!
  • oh well, must have been some other world class runner fancied a pancake race in fancy dress in a small town close to Bedford.. Must be part of a world class runners training programme i would think.

  • ooooh 69 secs for 400?....must have been world classimage
  • .......well who knows? come the UK olympics, carrying a frying pan and wearing a headscark might well become compulsery.  Our top women will be ready!
  • ye, those headscarks are tricky fellers to keep in place
  • 69 secs for 400m isnt world class? yea it would take me a lot longer than that but id guess many club runners could get well under 69 secs
  • fancy dress carrying a frying pan under 5 min mile pace, i dont think anyone in our club could do that?
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