X-Ray Vision

Last week I ran backwards three times around Truro Cathedral at midnight whilst nude and managed to develop X-ray vision. I can only but recommend this remarkable discovery to all runners, and therefore you should all give this a go without further delay. Trust me-honest!!

This week I ran 30m and then totally shredded a hamstring. However, all was not lost as I managed to develop the ability to see into the future. The crystal balls that I now hold have told me that I will not be doing any of the following:
1.Running the Duchy marathon this Sunday.
2.Going to work for the next month.
3.Doing any form of running for some weeks to come.

So what is the purpose of this post? Well frankly it's this: I'm totally and utterly bored sitting around the house so it's given me something to do. I'm twitching as I can't go for a run and it will stop me from blowing my top for the next 10mins. And lastly I want some sympathy and TLC as I'm a sad little teddy at the moment. Some input on others experience of hamstring injuries would also be most appreciated, but chiefly it's sympathy!!


  • OK Adrian,

    You have my sympathy as it can be a real bummer not to be able to run.

    Can't help with the hamstring except the usual rest etc.

    Keep logging in and it may just stop you losing it entirely. (although it may already be too late!!!)

    All the best,

  • I am really sorry to hear that you are injured AK, I have had a very poor summer too. I was really fit for the London Marathon, and then over the summer I lost my running mojo. When I finally got off my fat backside, I had a cold and have recently been nursing a calf injury. I will be running a half marathon on Sunday, but it really will be a case of get round in one piece - preferably, but if it has to be two it will be.

    I am sure that Mrs AK can supply lots of TLC, massage would be good to stimulate the blood flow and help the repair process. You will be back to your running in no time, and just think a month on holibags, you lucky b#%@#§d...
  • As a fellow sneaker, perhaps you could utilise all this spare time you now have to check out the existance of the 'Nude Runners Association of America', which I was informed by a US pal may have been disbanded recently.

    Or, better still, start a 'Nude Runners Association of the U.K.' as there are a few sympaticos amongst us - Hildegard, Daisy Dog and Hilly have all come clean on the issue recently.

    Report back here..
  • Ak - sorry to hear about the injury. Poor love. Try not to get sucked into the watching Oprah/day time soaps/any old c**p black hole that appears if you get too close to the telly during week days! I had a couple of months off work at the beginning of the year (due to redundancy not injury) and became an Oprah addict. Oh, the shame!
  • Hey Snoop,

    I notice you only mentioned the females on this subject.

    Still looking to be personal trainer for the NRA (UK) ladies section?!

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