Salclear Isle of Man Marathon & Half-Marathon

Anyone done this? What's the course and organisation like?

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  • Not done this before or know anything about it but thinking about entering.  Always wanted to go to the Isle of Man so this looks to be the perfect excuse.  I'm very slow and will just  plod along at the back.  image

  • I live in the Isle of Man but not done this race before, im thinking about entering this year.  

    I think you should make a trip over here, its in a nice part of the island - im actually moving up there in the next couple of my new house has holiday accommodation if anyone fancys renting out while over ; )) 

  • Pink Princess- I might be interested in your holiday accommodation - thanks.  I'll probably e-mail you for more details image.

  • Yeah drop me an email and ill forward you a link to the website if your interested. 

    Be warned...the Isle of Man is very hilly!!


  • Errr... how hilly???   image

     Or rather - how hilly is the course?  There is a map on the site but it doesnt mean much to me! 

    Depending on your answer the next question might be - how long is the course open for??  I dont mind being last so long as the finish line is stll open for me! image  Hubby will be doing it anyway - he likes hills but I might do the half if its really tough.  Doing FLM as well as the South Downs so I'll either be fit or finished off by August.image

  • Ive not looked at the course but i know it wont be easy as the north of the island is the nicest (i think anyway)..loads of long windy roads, mountains etc..

    You'll be fine, ive checked out past times for the race..heres the website of the club that runs it if you want some more info

     Or you could always come over for the 'Parish walk'...85 miles!! image

  • Thanks Princess - I can do it in under 6 hours image  Just! image

    So see you there  - it says the course is undulating/flat - doesnt sound tooooo bad.

    Should be fun image

  • E.C.N.E.C.N. ✭✭✭

    hi yall,

    am wanting to do this run, but it depends if i have the job on the island by then, keep you all posted image

    I'm hoping to run this again this year, really well organised friendly race, one of my favourite marathonsimage
  • i ran the half two years ago which is the same cource but 1 loop instead of two, their are hills but nothing horrendous although a Pb would be tough, its not impossible. 

    As i remember (this may be wrong) you start on the flat for about a mile, then climb a couple of undulations (depending on what you class as a bump/hill), then their is a big climb upto about half way/9mile point, then its all a steady down hill.  (pug i would compare it to helsby with regards to hills but more geographically ideal for running, its a cource marshallini would probably like).

    This race i have very good memories off and is up their with the best. Great orgaisation, excellent value for money and the warmth/freindliness of both the organisers and other competitors.  it is a real hidden jewl and can uderstand why it has a strong loyal following.

    while i haven't decided on my summer jolleys quite yet, this is in the mix.  Especially if i can cadge a lift pug.image

    p.s. i have nothing to do with the race honest


    carrot top - well said.   The hill is at about 4 miles and again at 17ish miles.

    Then there's the free buffet for runners at the finishimage

  • Also planning to do the full. Should be a novelty as I've never been to the IOM before.
  • is the full marathon one lap? i coulnt handle 2!! thanks image
    Jemma - 2 laps for the full
  • Any suggestions on the best form of travel to get over and back? is flying the smarter option

    TG - Depends how long you're going to stay over.   I try and visit for a week so take my car over on the ferry from Liverpool.  

    I believe the price for foot passengers on the ferry is very reasonable and if you're only going for the race the ferry docks at Douglas and there's a free bus from Douglas to the race on Sunday (and back again).

  • Thinking about doing this one. Will literally be a flying visit, with a two night stay. I'll need to look at logistics first but am interested at this stage.
    Kevin - I posted re IOM on the Shades threadimage
  • I did the Shakespeare Marathon on Sunday, can anybody say how the course compares? I ran 3.18 on Sunday and need under 3.15 for a GFA for London so need a course that is not too hilly.
    Rodski - I've always run faster at IOM, but I dislike the course at Stratford so that might have something to do with it.
  • Hello I need to get a Sub 3.15 before August 29th for the GFA for FLM, Is this possible for the IOM Marathon - I ran 3.09 at Lochaber on Sunday. I am 41 in July and the GFA changes to Sub 3.15 Guaranteed entry.
    Alan - yes it's possible, but of course it will be warmer than Lochaber.  IOM is cooler than the mainland although I can't guarantee the weather, who can?.   When I did my 100th marathon at the IOM it was 31 degrees on the mainland and 21 degrees at the IOM.   I've done IOM 8 times and the temperature has varied from 15 to 21 degrees.
  • alan

    it is a time you have done in the last two years that counts for your GFA time irespective of age at the time, so your lochaber time should count and well done thats a excellent time.

  • Hi Carrot top,  3 years ago I ran 2.59 in London and this gave me guaranteed entry for 2 years, but the following year I ran Lonodn but had to pull out at 17 miles due to Achilles Problems I  was gutted but they have changed the GFA for 41+ to 3.15, I would need to get under 3.15 after July 17th (My Birthday and I will be 41.  Last Sunday when I ran Lochaber 3.09 I was needing under 3 to Guarantee my GFA, but did not get this hence the question about IOM whether this would be achievable. I suppose it all depends on the day, conditions. But is it hilly??? The deadline for GFS for London is August 29th, so I need to find a Marathon before that day,  I have applied through the Ballot just in case, but London has advised that I can swap the Ballot for GFA if I get it.  
  • alan

    I reckon your time at Lochaber would give you a GFA at London.  as i understand it  you need to be 41 on 26th april 2009 and have run a mara under 3:15 in 2007/2008.  so potentialy you could get a GFA 41-59 place when you ran a race as young as 39.

    anyway its worth a phone call to check

    for those of you planning to spend a few days in the IOM have a look at this link for the Grand Prix, it's a great week
  • Shades - hope you don't mind me intruding on this thread but as you have done so many marathons i was wondering if you have done the Needles XC marathon on Isle of Wight  -  i am going to do it this year (June 1st) but have not been able to find out too much about race so any info would be gratefully received.
    Steve - no, I haven't done that one.   I stopped doing off road events before that event started up.   I believe it's very scenic but hilly.  Email the RO if you want details, he's a nice bloke.
  • Thanks anyway Shades -when i posted did not have his email details but he has now replied on the 'official' thread so i have contact address now.

  • Looking at the possibility of doing this race. Would prefer to stay near Ramsey, rather be bussed up on race day from Douglas. Can any regular runners recomend any accommodation near Ramsey. Obviously I can use the web links but personal recomendation is always better!
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