A training plan longer than 16 weeks?

I've always wanted to run the FLM and decided to start running from scratch last April in order to run 2003. Has anyone got any marathon training schedules that are longer than 16 weeks? or any suggestions about how I should be training. At the moment I can run 60 minutes quite slowly.


  • Helen, a 16 week training programme is fine, in the meantime just concentrate on building strength, stamina and getting used to being a slave to your training runs!!! Have a nosey around this site and you should find some good basic schedules to follow pre-marathon training commencing. Good luck and most importantly enjoy!
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    How many time do you run each week Helen? I would suggest trying to run at least 4 times a week. If you can do that then a 16 week training plan will be fine. Good luck!
  • Helen, why not aim for a 10K, 10 miler or half marathon either towards the end of this year or early Jan - if its not too icy? You'll build a solid endurance base before you begin trainining for the marathon in earnest.
  • It sounds like you're already running around 10k (60 minutes quite slowly), so I'd try to build to a ten miler by October/early November, and then as suggested above a half by the end of the year/Jan.

    That's a good base to come off for an April marathon.

    Essentially just build up gradually (not more than 10% increase per week total), do a long run at least once a week. It sounds like you're currently doing about 6 miles max, so build this to 7, then 8 etc, plus lengthen other runs as well. That's a fairly easy way to get to a ten mile over the next six or eight weeks.

    Basically take the same approach to build to a half.

    HTH, Iain
  • Thanks for all your advice. At the moment I run 3-4 times a week with a long-ish run on Sundays. I work shifts so it varies.

    Will try to enter some races.

    Thanks again,

  • I usually organise my Marathon training over 20 weeks. The first 4 are not "proper" training, just informal preparation and getting back into the habit of Marathon training.
    I don't know if this would work for others - I only do it because it takes me a few weeks to get into it and start running well and it's better to get that period out of the way before the important weeks start - but it might be an idea if 16 weeks aren't long enough for you.
  • Helen,

    I an new to running (4 weeks experience) but have also entered myself for the Flora Marathon.

    For motivation I have entered myself for races throughout the year until the big race (if, I hopefully get in). The first race being the Nike Run London 10K on 22nd September. My next will be a 10 miler and then a half marathon before the end of the year (as mentioned by people above). Not only will entering yourself into races keep you motivated but also good experience for the Marathon.

    Well good luck and hopefully see you at the starting line at the Marathon.

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