Too long in the saddle

Thanks to an injury which means I am not allowed to run, I have been cycling for my commute, which means 2 hours a day cycling. I like it in almost every way except that the saddle makes me really sore, in a place where I don't want to be! (I am female by the way.) It doesn't feel like bruising, it's more like the skin itself is sore. Does anyone have any ideas for stopping this happening? Is it worth getting a women's specific saddle? (At the moment I have the saddle which came with my cheapy road bike, so it is probably nothing special)



  • The short answer is 'yes' I think. There is a right way to be saddle sore - your bony bits should ache a bit for a few rides until they get used to it, then you should feel fine. If you have lingering pain or non-bony pain then your weight ain't going down where it should. And no-one of either gender should get soft tissue pain lest all manner of dysfunctions resultimage.

    Most women specific saddles are slightly wider than men's to accomodate a different shaped bony pelvis - or you might prefer a 'cut out' model with a big central scoop so your nether regions aren't squished.image

  • Sorry - should have added that Mrs BTB has something like this and says it's great:

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  • Hmmm - there was a picture there a second ago - try this link
  • Reminds me of a long bike ride I did one freezing winter's day when it chucked it down- my bits went numb and I wasn't sure if I'd had a wee or not image
  • first off - are you wearing padded cycling shorts/tights for these rides?? if not - get a pair as these will help take the "sting" out of the ride and make life considerably more comfortable. be careful that you get the right size as if they're a litttle too big the padding can ruck up and cause even more problems. you can if you want but cycle short inners - basic cycle shorts that you wear under something like tights or other shorts/leggings.

    second - not all wimmin get on with women specific saddles (my missus doesn't and she's a normal shaped woman) and although you can get all sorts of variants with gel inserts, padded noses (used a lot by triathletes as they are head down a lot so more pressure on the saddle nose), cut-outs, mesh etc finding a saddle that suits can take a lifetime of searching!!! I have finally found one that works for me on the road bikes (Fizik Arione) but am still looking for a MTB one (I'm close but not ideal!).

    thirdly - if the skin is sore you can use something like chamois cream which is specially formulated for this. it's called chamois cream as originally most padded shorts used chamois leather which would harden up when it dried so needed to be softened somehow. Sudocream is an alternative.

    fourthly - keep riding through the pain. yes it bloody hurts but you also need to toughen the area up and this only happens with regular riding.

    fifthly - check your saddle height. if it's too low or too high, you're not helping matters and also not being fully efficient.

    finally - and if you also experience some numbness, don't worry as this is normal with all cyclists. correct shorts, saddle and saddle position can help reduce this but it happens still.

    hope that helps
  • Thanks for all your answers.  I'm cycling in jeans cos I can't be bothered to get changed when I get there... so I will stop being lazy and skanky and get something padded to wear!

     It does feel like maybe my weight is too far forwards, so maybe I need to mess about with the saddle position. I'll look into women's saddles as well.

     Siance- LOL! And ewwww.

  • I'm cycling in jeans

    owww - no wonder you're sore! if they are standard jeans they will have a really thick seam between your sensitive bits and the saddle - a recipe for pain!! get some bike shorts pronto and feel the difference
  • Quite! I recall those seams on jeans during horse riding. Never again image

    Don't know how they get that cool cowboy image unless the rider's wearing a chamois underneath!

    When you get some bike shorts be sure never to ask your other half whether your bum looks big in them though...

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Ooh, my eyes started watering when I read about the jeans!

    Check your handlebar position as well as your saddle - if you don't need to be 100% aerodynamic, then slightly higher handlebars might help too.

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