5 strike's and your in?

Do you still get an automatic place if you have been rejected 5 years on the bounce?


  • Yes - but you'll still have to apply otherwise they won't know you want the place.

    Not sure how this will work under the new system.

  • Cheers...image
  • Of course, (F)LM are at libery to change that any time they see fit - which they will prolly do in 2011 when I am due to get in under this 'rule'!
  • Or to lose your previous applications.
  • Or to blame the postal strike like they have done to one of our group, it was a fourth year of applying too, now they have to start from scratch AGAIN......
  • Oh gosh that's awful Dave image

  • Yeh, I can say they were not at all happy, but there is no appeal, so what can you do
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