Referee needed...

OH and I are in the midst of a row - I need a third party to say whether I am in the wrong or not...

We have one car and we both work in London (driving to work). I have college tomorrow evening until late and need the car to get back - will take 1 hour 30 instead of 3 hours. If I drive home I will be in at about 10.30 give or take. However, if I get the train I will be in about midnight, as I will need to walk up from the station, on my own.

My argument is that as I have to be up at 5am the next morning I should have the use of the car tomorrow evening.

OH wants to drive home at 4pm and then go to the cinema with mates in the evening. He can get the train home and then cab it to our mates house. He does not have work on Thursday morming.

Your thoughts please. 


  • Clearly you're being outrageously selfish.

    I'm shocked, I really am. 

  • LOL!

     I hang my head in shame. image

  • oops x-post.

    Thanks KK!

    *ding-ding* - Round 2

  • that has to be the smallest avatar ever!
  • Perhaps OH should put his side ?


  • I have a booster cushion and boxes on my feet (a la Shortround in Indiana Jones)

    (I know its the worst avatar ever...I can't work out how to sort it though)

  • LOL Lawro, it's not awful, just unique in it's tinyness!image how on earth did you crop it so small?
  • LOL @ the avatar! That happened to me too. Don't ask me how. IronSquishy got mine sorted. Thanks Squish!

    Re the car - kick his nuts! (just my personal opinion)

  • no brainer!!

    cinema and no work thurs am and wants car - sorry cake and eating it time!

    no help on the avatar i'm afraid - got my son to do mine! 

  • From a blokes point of view.................................

    Yes and no.

    Email me on here and then I will sort out your piccy L.

  • Pose the question "Do you really think I should be walking from the station on my own at midnight when I could be mugged or murdered?

    An answer of no means you, of course get the car.

    An answer of yes means he get a short sharp kick where it hurts and is too painful to sit and drive let alone go to cineam so you get car.

  • I think Lawro's probably used Paint there, and has saved the whole canvas rather than cropping it to fit the picture first.

    How about hand-cuffing him to the radiator, and taking the keys? 

  • From your side of the story.

    Eating cake and eating it. if I was not working on the thursday and going out with mates I would have a few beers, No car no worrying, planned around taxis so job done

  • Thanks all - we've sorted it. I get the car - hurray!

    Nicko - thanks for the offer of sorting the piccy out - can I email you it later this week? No email or t'internet at work anymore and I won't be in until Friday.

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