Help, I've been ill for two weeks now...

Advice please: I have had a horrible flu-type bug for 2 weeks now and to be honest it's not showing any signs of going away.

I had got myself up to a comfortable 10-12 miles long run at the end of January and am now beginning to wonder what chance i have of completing the course in a realistic timeframe and without an injury.

I am not speedy (previous marathon PB of 5hrs 15mins) but I have always trained pretty consistently in the past.  Is two weeks at this stage making it a completely lost cause or can I get back to marathon fitness in time and does anyone know of an 8-week "get you back on track" schedule to follow?

That is assuming that I am feeling better sometime soon of course.....image

 thank you in advance for any opinions/ advice/ works of wisdom

Hegs x


  • I had plenty of time off the training last year before the FLM, and managed to get back on track to an eventual 3:31.  Just make sure you ease back into the schedule rather than jumping straight into the full workload.  If cutting back the initial week's mileage, then keep the Tues, Thurs and (most importantly) Sunday-Long-Run.  Don't do speed sessions (if you were planning to) for at least a week after you start training again.

    In the meantime, comfort yourself with the thought that it's not injury that's keeping you off the running.  Eat well and cut down on the total intake lest you start to bulk out.  Take the opportunity to do some stretching.

  • thank you ex-pat scot  -all sounds very sensible advice and i shall follow it.

    hope everyone else's training is going well

    Hegs x

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    good luck hegs!!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
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