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Last two Tuesdays running, I've done mile reps, as documented on the website, and on the Thursdays, I've done a fartlek or a LT session. Now on Tuesday I'm departing for my holiday, on the 2nd week of which I'm running a 10km race. Therefore, my last oppurtunity for a real measured workout comes on Monday. I wanted to do a speed endurance combo session, but fancied something a little different, and perhaps less physically taxing than 4 to 6 x Mile, 90 sec recovery. How does this sound for a workout?

1 Mile warmup,
Mobility drills,
3 Miles @ 10km pace +10 to 15 sec/mile,
4 minute jog recovery,
2 x 1 Mile @ 5km pace, 90 second jog recovery,
800M Easy pace,
800M @ 3km-mile pace,
400M Easy pace,
400M eye-balls out
1 Mile cooldown
[total quality distance= 5.75 Miles]

Its a variation on some of the workouts featuredin Sandrocks book 'Running Tough'. Looks less taxing than Mile reps (both mentally & physically). Yet it covers a greater variety of energy pathways? Any thoughts? Is it going to be too tough/long? Coaches? Athletes? Physicians? Any other ideas for a good all-inclusive 10km workout? i.e it covers sustained pace, pure speed & finishing kick? The floor is yours...


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    It sounds like a good session to try out on the track as it would also be good practice for pace judgement.

    It doesn't sound too taxing either as your only really going fast for the final 400m and the recovery periods are quite generous.

    As an alternative, if you have access to a track, you could try a 5k time trial. This would give you some (hopefully) positive feedback and give you an idea of what you should be doing in your 10k. It's quite a hard and intense session, but doesn't last very long!
  • Thats a good idea actually Drew, I like that! I'll toss a coin to decide which one I do, I mean they'll both serve similar goals, I.e. check If I'm in tune whilst developing my finishing kick... What sorta target time would I shoot for tho?
  • half your target 10K time ?....maybe minus a smidgeon - say, 10 seconds?
    I was interested in this as my first 10K for a while is 10 days away & I could certainly do with at least 1 pure speed & 1 speed endurance session before then. Not sure I fancy mixing the two as above though.
  • One session I like (which I've actually pinched from Paula Radcliffe, but don't tell anyone) is as follows:

    Warmup, stretches, strides & drills

    400m at 1500m pace, straight into
    400m at 10k pace, straight into
    300m at 800m pace, straight into
    300m at 5k pace, straight into
    200m at 600m (?!) pace, straight into
    200m at 3k pace, straight into
    100m flat out, straight into
    100m at 800m pace.

    All of the above is run as one continuous slog. Then take 2 to 3 mins recovery, and repeat as many times as it takes to bring you to your knees. I can usually manage three sets in a good session, and four in a big, scary one (I think Paula does double sets of the above, three in total). The good thing about this is that although each set is quite long (2000m in total), the perceived effort is broken up, and the session forces you to change pace quite dramatically and often.
  • Here's what I do on a Saturday when not racing at the weekend.

    10mins warmup jog
    2 miles @ 10-15 secs slower than current 10k time
    1 min recovery
    2 miles @ 15-20 secs slower than current 10k time
    (out and back course - 2nd half slightly quicker than 1st half)
    10 mins warm down
    Simple - it's hard work but doesn't leave you feeling completely knackered.

  • KK

    With your knees I'm not sure I would run such a session! But if you're determined to run a hard session I would be tempted to flip it round a little and turn it into a pyramid session i.e. perhaps starting and finishing with 1.5 miles @ 10-15 seconds below 10k pace.
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