The Official RW Forum Treadmill Record Attempt!

Ok folks..... here's your chance to be a part of something BIG and just a little bit mental. I've been getting together a team of fine specimens to take on the 48-hour team treadmill world record. This involves 12 people hopping on and off a single treadmill for 48 hours and trying to clock up more than the 381 miles posted by the South African squad which currently holds the record.

Fortunately, RW and Sweatshop have got behind the event and - get this - we'll be doing it in the window of Lillywhites in Piccadilly!

And there's more....

We'll be starting at 8.00am on Friday 11 April and finishing at 8.00am on Sunday 13 April at which point we'll hot-foot it over to the FLM start-line and run that as a bit of a warm-down......

I have already found 10 runners fast enough and crazy enough to take this on, which means I only need TWO more.  Any takers? We particularly need a lady runner if possible as at the moment we're all blokes so we need someone to keep us in line. I can promise media stardom and some free kit plus of course the chance to carve your name into Guinness World Record history......can't say fairer than that.

AND DON'T PANIC - even if you're not the combination of a sooperdooper runner + barmy that we're looking for, you can still get involved! The whole event is aiming to raise £100,000 for Tommy's, the baby charity, which is an absolutely fab charity that fund medical research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth so we'd be ever so grateful if you supported us at:


Or by all means just come along to Piccadilly and shout some support/hurl some abuse depending on whether you're pre or post pub!



  • Go girl! image

    <and no I am not volunteering>  Who is on the list so far???

  • No specific fast-ness that you need to be, but as a guide everyone so far is sub-3 marathon or very close to it (and in some cases much faster!!). But to actually beat the record we only need to keep the treadmill moving at 7.30 pace so if you reckon you can manage 4hrs of that over the course of 48 (and then run FLM too of course!) then give me a shout (by email perhaps?)

    The list so far is:

    Gold Rush
    Dan A
    Dull Napoleon
    Nick the Stick
    Running Bhoy

  • sioUxsioUx ✭✭✭

    Would love to but as aiming to go sub4 (hopefully sub3.45) I really am not fast enough.

    Will defo drop by and offer support though

  • I'm up for it. Count me in if you want me.

    7.30 mins per mile shouldn't give me a problem over that timeframe.

    However, I don't have an entry for FLM or is that also thrown in?

  • That sounds amazing!  I'll do it if I can do a 10 min mile  image
  • Sounds amazing, good luck.
  • Just been thinking about shifts for the challenge..  1 hour efforts or shorter, sharper bursts?  Am in Surrey - anyone around to try a few out?
  • oh good luck

    would be nice to have had summat to include slower runners-but-well i guerss it wouldnt make as good a record

  • I'm in London that weekend so I'll come and give you all a shout.
  • Thanks for the interest KittenKat and Sean (you both have mail!) and for the support everyone else.

    PH - yep I know it would have been ideal to have something that all levels of runners could participate in, but I guess this kind of record isn't really suited to that as you say. However, I know RW really like these kinds of ideas so if this one goes smoothly maybe they'll look at going for something different - another record that would be more suitable to all types of runner (not sure whether there is one, but probably..)

    O - Not totally sure yet on the shifts..... we need to thrash that out over the next few weeks. What would be your preference? And yeah - I could meet up for a bit of a practice sesh and I know Kempez is Surrey too - anyone else? 

  • Am not sure yet!  Liking the idea of a nice rest after a 1 hour effort, but wondering how hard the 3rd and/or final hour may feel - especially if it's a graveyard shift!   Am off to ask Great Uncle Bulgaria for his advice..  Let's get a date in the diary for the practice sesh.

  • Lots of luck with this.  Thankfully my 12min/miles puts this way out of my league but I'll certainly offer some support.  What a great idea.  I look forward to hearing more. 

  • Go go go! Great idea (sorry can't fit it in, or I'd be there like a shot).
  • Nick, I e-mailed you via your address linked off this forum.  I could help, although not for 4 hours, so maybe you'd be better off with someone else.  Good luck, anyway.
  • Hail Hail

    Just popping to the thread to say "Hail Hail".

    I know that NtS is keen to try and get the main team members to do a regular post or three, so this is the first of mine.

    76M last week was rounded off with 20M @ 7.10 pace, which I was pleased with, and feel that I'm really coming back towards "match fitness" just in time for the big event.

  • Cheers SD and ExPS.

    O - let's try and get a date in the diary for the "practise session" - Kempez can we do it at your gym do you think?

    I think also we should start investigating how we could squeeze the most possible mileage out of ourselves. IE what would be the best timings/shifts to run. I'm thinking maybe of splitting into pairs and looking after two or three hours each with maybe 15 min on and 15 min off. I think anything longer than 15 min is gonna mean the resting runner gets too cold. We could combat that by not alternating and just doing hour runs each but then we will surely be slower than if we split it up into smaller bursts. Thoughts?

    Also - still don't have a confirmed lady runner as yet! Any fast ladies out there fancy it????

  • In the evening of Thursday 28 Feb?  Wed 5, Thu 6 March? 

    Was also considering the 'pairs' option, and think 10-15 mins could work well.  An hour on followed by a long rest has its attraction, but I reckon shorter efforts would see us covering more distance overall.

    Good work RB.

  • O - I was thinking of doing it on a weekend so we could effectively `practise' the rest too. IE hit the treadmill at 8.00am do two hours of 15min on/off in pairs, then have 8 hrs off and repeat. That way we'd get a good idea of the kind of pace we could manage.

  • This weekend is tricky as I'm cross training on the high wire and trapeze!  For me, earliest weekend would be Sat 8 and/or Sun 9 March if you want more of a full rehearsal!

  • Just wanted to wish everyone all the best for this. I'll definitely be supporting the cause, and showing up in person at Piccadilly.  Sorry I didn't feel confident in volunteering to actually participate but I'm really not sure what state my legs will be in a few days after Paris - BUT I'll willingly volunteer for any support services, e.g. graveyard shift support and/or Lucozade/jelly baby monitor, etc.

    If I can think of anything more encouraging to shout than "Keep going!" I'll write it down.

  • Hail Hail

    Confess to preferring the 1 hour stint option (purely cos I aint got the reall speed in my legs, but stamina I'm ok), but I'll defer to the majority opinion. 

    NtS - quick question.  I've been looking at flights.  Due to family commitments, it would be better for me to get a Friday morning flight down.  Is this going to be a big problem, if I'm not there for the start?  I'd prefer to be in all the photos obviously, but is it crucial?

  • RB, NtS

    If we're in pairs, I guess each pair could decide on their preferred length of shift.  At the mo, I'd put myself in the 10-15 min camp so e.g. I could run with NtS and if someone else fancies the hour shift, they could run with RB...?

  • O - yeah that's exactly what I was thinking too. So each pair could decide on their own preferred method.

    Re: the practise day March 8 is a go-er for me I think. Anyone else fancy that? Kempez? 

    RB - I don't think that would be too much of a problem.... as long as the majority of the team are there for the launch (along with a celeb hopefully!) then I'm sure we won't miss you too much.  

    PhilP - cheers mate. Actually you might be able to do something REALLY helpful. The world record rules stipulates that we have to have two witnesses for the whole 48 hours (they don't need to be the same two people the whole time but there must always be two present at any one time to check we don't knock off for a tea break or something...) Obviously the graveyard shifts are gonna be tough to fill on that one so if you or anyone else fancies it we'd be ENORMOUSLY grateful ;0)

  • OK, count me in for some eye-witnessing. It'll be like race marshalling, except I won't even have to point directions to the runners. Piece of cake.
  • lol PP, although shouting directions (Straight ahead?) might be a welcome relief from your 'Keep going!'...

    Good luck with this, guys! 

  • PP - good man. Gotta be worth a post FLM pint from the team that.....
  • Guys,

    Not knowing where I stand.....but never short of an opinion or point......

    What do the rules actually state with regards to changing over runners and time?

    Let me explain where I'm coming from, does the treadmill have to stop before a change over of runner? If it does then you will loose approx 30 seconds per change over (the treadmill slowing down to a stop, quick change over and then back up to speed). Therefore, a change over every 15 minutes would mean you'd need to be on 7.15 pace as opposed to 7.30 pace if changing every 15 minutes.

    Does each runner have to do 4 hours? Can some do more or some do less?

    Treadmill gradient?

    Anyone know how the current record holders managed it? Learn from what they did (or didn't do).


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